Apple CEO Tim Cook gifted 2019 Mac Pro to Trump, which was assembled in Austin. The “first Mac Pro” most likely does not mean the very first PC in the line’s history, but the first model of 2019 assembled at the Austin plant.

New York Times correspondent David Henrik noticed the section of former US President Donald Trump’s income statement, which lists the gifts he received during his tenure. It mentions, among other things, a Mac Pro computer for $5,999 from a plant in Austin, which was given to Trump by Apple CEO Tim Cook (have you forgotten the story of Trump and Apple’s Tim?).

Check out the gifts that people –– including the CEOs of @Boeing, @Ford and @Apple –– gave Trump. (from his final financial disclosure report, released today)

– David Enrich (@davidenrich) January 21, 2021

This “first Mac Pro made in a factory in Austin” is an occasion to recall another curious story associated with this factory, Apple and Trump. In 2019, Trump personally visited the American Apple plant and solemnly announced its “opening.” But the truth turned out to be that this enterprise, where Mac Pro computers for the American market are assembled, has been operating since 2013 and is not owned by Apple at all.

Tim Cook gifted 2019 Mac Pro to Trump

Based on the Mac Pro’s value indicated in the declaration, the journalists logically assumed that Tim Cook gave Trump the Mac Pro’s basic configuration without a monitor and the notorious wheels.

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