Tiny C + pod with 9kW motor, 9kWh battery, and $ 16,000 price tag!

Japanese automaker Toyota has announced the Tiny C + pod, an ultra-compact electric car, whose performance is significantly different from the usual electric models. However, the novelty will be sold in the Japanese market, where users have long been accustomed to miniature cars.

The Toyota Tiny C + pod model dimensions are 2490x1290x1550 mm (weight – 670-690 kg), which is less than that of Smart ForTwo (2500x1520x1530 mm). Considering the minimum width (1290 mm) and turning radius (3.9 m), it is most logical to use it on the narrow streets of Japanese cities and not on the highway.

An electric motor drives the rear-wheel-drive model with a maximum peak power of only 9 kW (constant power – 2.6 kW) and a torque of 56 Nm. As a result, the electric car can only accelerate to 60 km / h. From a full battery charge with a capacity of 9.06 kWh, the Toyota Tiny C + pod travels up to 150 km in the WLTC measuring cycle with an average consumption of 54 Wh / km. A full charge of the battery from a 200V / 16A network lasts 5 hours, from a 100V / 6A network – about 16 hours.

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The cost of the Toyota Tiny C + pod electric car in Japan will be $ 15,940 for the Grade X version and $ 16,580 for the Grade G version. Sales to business customers will start in 2021, and to everyone in 2022.

A source: InsideEV’s, Toyota

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