A removable battery in a smartphone is rare. Most often, this form is inherent in inexpensive gadgets. But there are some models of mobile devices that have a removable battery.


This smartphone appeared in 2019. The cost of the gadget is four thousand rubles. This mobile device falls into the category of budget smartphones. It is equipped with a five-inch display. The screen resolution is 854 by 480 pixels. The amount of RAM is eight GB. 2250 mAh battery. A five megapixel camera is built into the back. The gadget has several advantages: separate slots for a SIM card and memory card, stable connection. The smartphone has a good speaker. One drawback, and it lies in the fact that the device is not widely known, and the model is not advertised.

ZTE Blade A3

Top smartphones with removable battery

The cost of the device is low. The gadget can be purchased for four and a half thousand rubles. Works in the Android 9 system. The main camera is eight megapixels. The battery is rated at 2600 mAh. There are several advantages to buying a gadget: a good display and a supply of RAM. Applications do not slow down, and the gadget itself does not glitch during operation. The gadget does not belong to the category of the best, but it is responsible for its low cost in all respects.

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Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Top smartphones with removable battery

The cost of the smartphone reaches four thousand seven hundred and ninety rubles. Eight megapixel camera. The 5-megapixel display offers good quality and bright images. One gigabyte of RAM. A 2,600mAh battery that’s easy to remove. The pros are as follows: bright screen, long battery life, good camera for such a low cost of a smartphone.

Nokia 1.3

Top smartphones with removable battery

The cost of a smartphone is five thousand two hundred rubles. The gadget works in the Android 10 system. The battery is rated for 3000 mAh. An eight-megapixel camera is located behind the body. The mobile device is among the budget smartphone options. The screen is bright and the battery is capacious. The pictures are pretty acceptable. The disadvantage is that the cover is rather inconvenient to remove.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4S

Top smartphones with removable battery

This is the most expensive of the above smartphones. Its cost reaches twenty-four thousand rubles. It has a 16MP camera and a bright display. The battery is rated at 2800 mAh. Persistent memory for thirty-two GB. You can install good games on your smartphone. The gadget has a high level of performance. There is a system of protection against dust, moisture or falling. Belongs to the category of high-quality and reliable mobile devices.

Which smartphone do you like?

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