It was initially thought that the idea of an openly traded company stockpiling Bitcoin was absurd. Volatility and marginalization prevent any “real” firm from using Bitcoin. COVID-19 has finally broken the crypto “rabbit hole,” which has been open for the last year and a half for traditional institutional investors. When cloud computing business MicroStrategy invested $425 million in Bitcoin in August and September 2020, other publicly listed corporations, including payment behemoth Block (previously Square) and electric vehicle maker Tesla, followed. Investors who don’t want the difficulties of managing their Bitcoin may invest in firms that keep them. According to one analyst, MicroStrategy has become an ETF masquerading as a Bitcoin ETF because of the massive sums of money it has put in the cryptocurrency. This is essentially an ETF for Bitcoin disguised as an ETF. In the world of digital currency trading, visit The Official Site.

Top listed companies holding the most Bitcoin in the world


Only MicroStrategy (MSTR) and its CEO, Michael Saylor, may be Bitcoin supporters. Saylor has been outspoken about the virtues of Bitcoin on his Twitter page. A whole part of the company’s website is dedicated to Bitcoin-related content.MicroStrategy will make its first Bitcoin purchase in early August 2020 for $250 million.

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Over time, the company has bought a wide range of digital assets. The corporation bought itself to maximize long-term value for shareholders. At an average of $48,099.9, MicroStrategy has just purchased an extra $242.9 million in Bitcoin. The company has already spent $3.16 billion on Bitcoin with a median purchase price of $27,713.


By 2020, Tesla (TSLA) had a new investment strategy in digital assets like Bitcoin that gave the company more flexibility and diversity than it had before. Since making this policy move, the company has made an initial investment of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and has stated that it plans to make further investments of a similar kind. Also, Elon Musk has been relatively vocal in his support for the cryptocurrency community on his Twitter feed.

First-quarter 2021 financial report from Tesla showed the company had sold 10% of its Bitcoin holdings, which sparked uproar on social media. Some alleging the corporation had helped inflate Bitcoin only to sell some of it then back.

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Tesla may have sold some of its Bitcoin to monitor changes in the value of the digital currency. The company still has about 43,000 Bitcoin in its possession. Elon Musk said earlier this week that SpaceX is also keeping Bitcoin and that Tesla expects to begin accepting Bitcoin as payment once Bitcoin mining becomes more environmentally friendly.


Approximately 4,709 Bitcoin will be purchased by Square (SQ) for $50 million in October 2020. Square (SQ) disclosed this plan in October 2020. A Bitcoin was worth around $10,600 at the time of the investment. In February 2021, Square acquired an extra 3,318 Bitcoin.

Coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin are now available for users of CashApp to purchase, sell, or store. Among those who utilize Bitcoin include Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, and other prominent figures. Dorsey launched Square Crypto, an autonomous organization that contributes open source code to the Bitcoin operating system.


There’s a new degree of maturity in the asset class thanks to Coinbase, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, which is also the first to list on the stock market in the US. On April 14th, Coinbase became publicly traded for the first time. The company’s Bitcoin holdings were made public as part of going public. Since Coinbase is the most well-known crypto exchange in the United States, it holds the least Bitcoin among the non-crypto corporations on our list.

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Coinbase reports 56 million verified users, $335 million in quarterly trading activity, and $223 billion in assets. These are impressive numbers. The corporation hasn’t decided whether or not it will hold or purchase Bitcoin in the future.

Marathon Digital Holdings

It is safe to say that Marathon Digital Holdings is a prominent Bitcoin mining company around the globe (MARA). Over time, the company’s Bitcoin holdings have climbed to over 5,000. Their website states that they want to build North America’s largest mining operation at a low cost of operation.

It is estimated that 103,000 miners produce 6.2% of the overall Bitcoin hash rate. The firm has an operating budget of around $5,000 every day. The business invested $150 million in Bitcoin in January in the long run.


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