Every day, a huge number of applications appear that simplify human life. In addition to useful programs, there are those that can harm technology. To fix the problem, special anti-virus programs were created.

The virus causes the following harm to a computer device:

  • disrupts the operation of complex programs;
  • deletes files;
  • removes the operating system;
  • blocks the work of users.

The main task of an antivirus application is to find malicious programs and neutralize their activity.

A good antivirus program will extend the lifespan of a vigorous PC.

Comodo Antivirus

Top good antivirus software for PC

This program is not bad and has an average rating. The application protects the device from viruses, hacker attacks and Trojans. The database contains data on a huge number of viruses, there is an automatic check function, and the design of the application is quite attractive.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Top good antivirus software for PC

This application is from the category of free versions of antivirus programs. The app has a scanner and an automatic virus tracking function. Provides a high level of PC security and does not slow down the operating system.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Antivirus Free download 2020 - DownloadBytes.com

This application is capable of protecting against various viruses and Trojans. The anti-virus program base is constantly updated, automatically scans files and ensures security.

ESET NOD32 Smart Security

Download ESET Smart Security | ESET

Mostly the program is suitable for laptop computers. There is an automatic scanning system that protects against any virus. There is a free version of the application for thirty days of use.

360 Total Security

Clean Up Your PC & Improve Performance | 360 Total Security

This program not only protects against malware but also provides complete protection for the PC operating system. There are several modules for securing a computer device. The program can be easily integrated into the browser. The version of the antivirus program is completely free.

Advanced system care

Top good antivirus software for PC

This program cleans your PC completely and removes viruses, keeping your device safe. There are several main functions: protection and optimization. The automatic scanning system for suspicious objects allows you to completely secure your PC, and the program has a positive effect on the efficiency of the operating system.

What antivirus program would you install for your PC?

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