For several years now, I have been spending most of the day at the MacBook. During this time, I realized that a laptop is the same portable gadget as a smartphone. Respectively if you get a couple of useful accessories, you can work on it even more productive.

Moreover, a lot had changed for me in 2020. When I bought a MacBook Pro 13, which has only two USB-C ports and an audio-out connector. It was worth waiting for the model’s release on the M1, but I could no longer work on my old MacBook in 2013. But in both cases, two ports were not enough- one of which is busy with charging. Since then, I have discovered the world of MacBook accessories that you need to know.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

This time we will not limit ourselves to USB hubs alone.

Top MacBook Accessories You Should Look Out in 2021

USB-A to USB-C adapter for Mac

The first problem I ran into was the lack of USB-A ports like in old MacBooks. All my external drives, card readers, flash drives, and other accessories cannot connect to a USB-C computer without adapters. As a result, I first used such an adapter from USB-C to USB-A, you can get this from Amazon for $8.49.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

Such an adaptor is one of the must-have MacBook Accessories for 2021

Best USB Hub for MacBook

But then I began to get into situations where it was necessary to connect two drives at the same time or download something from a USB flash drive to an external drive. I didn’t bother with many adapters and solved the problem with an external USB hub from Satechi, which I already discussed earlier. It still does its job and looks cool, aluminum and all the cases. You can read it here- How to choose a USB hub for your MacBook? Satechi USB hub Review

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

This hub costs $17.99, but the fee is mainly for design and materials.

But my advice is better not to buy USB hubs for MacBooks that connect close to the laptop, that is, do not have a cable like mine. When you work at a computer, your hand still involuntarily falls into the area where the hub is connected, and it heats up very much. And I highly doubt this is useful for the ports of the MacBook itself. Moreover, connecting to two USB-C ports at once has its drawbacks: it is enough to touch the device accidentally, and, for example, an external drive may turn off, data transfer will stop. I downloaded almost 200 GB like that and was very upset when the hub picked up and disconnected almost at the last stage.

In the end, my choice is a USB hub for a MacBook with a cable, like this from Ugreen, which I have already ordered. There are two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C connector for charging. There are slots for TF and SD, and HDMI memory cards if you need to connect the laptop to an external monitor. Plus, this hub can be placed further away so as not to get in the way. Why Ugreen? Firstly, this brand has long been on Ali and has already established itself; he is one of the few who makes Apple (MFi) certified iPhone accessories. Secondly, hundreds of positive reviews.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

Such a hub will be much more efficient.

Ugreen USB hub for MacBook is one of the must-have USB hub MacBook Accessories out there.

MacBook Accessories for 2021: Battery and Chargers

Best Magnetic Charger for MacBook

Even though I changed my old MacBook for a new one, what I really miss in a MacBook Pro with USB-C is the good old MagSafe. Yes, when you accidentally touch the wire, it simply comes off the laptop instead of the computer itself flying to the floor. Of course, Chinese artisans have long found a way out and make various adapters, but I would not trust anyone to charge my MacBook. You can go through this guide- Choosing a fast charger for your iPhone 12: Tips and Best Selection

Another thing is the same Baseus, which produces a rather expensive but reliable magnetic adapter for MacBook. Everything is straightforward: one part of the adapter is inserted into the MacBook, and in the second, we insert the charging cable (USB-C). That’s it. Now, if you or your pets accidentally hit it, the wire will unfasten.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

If you accidentally touch such a wire, it detaches from the laptop.

MagSafe Magnetic Charger for MacBook

The adapter is not as simple as it seems, so don’t be surprised what they ask for $34.99. There are a voltage control chip and almost a mini-computer for fast and reliable charging. Here is another guide I wrote- How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2021.

Best External Battery for MacBook

I understand that with MacBooks’ release with an M1 chip, this issue is not so relevant, but most continue to use Apple laptops of previous generations. For example, my last MacBook Pro, after 5 years, already held a charge for a maximum of 2.5-3 hours, and it was simply impossible to leave with it to work in the park or somewhere else. So that power bank for laptop – not a luxury at all, but a necessity for many. Getting an external battery is one of the most necessary MacBook Accessories for 2021.

I was looking for something not too expensive, but at the same time that there was a charging power of 65 W, and there were not many options. You can share in the comments if you have something like this in mind. I liked this is an external battery from Baseus on 30,000 mAh… Yes, it is large and weighs almost 500 grams, but you can charge everything you have with you with its help. You can connect to 4 wires with a regular USB (support for sister charging) or 1 USB-C wire. And most importantly – power 65 W.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

This is really a real power bank

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

It has a charging indicator, available in white

You can charge the power bank itself with either a regular micro-USB or USB-C and even a regular iPhone charging wire. It costs a little more than $59.99, but it’s worth it. Also, the USB-C wire is given as a gift.

External battery for laptop 30,000 mAh

How to properly charge your MacBook?

In the last collection, I mentioned charging adapter Baseus, which is small and can also charge a MacBook and two more devices (not simultaneously). But when I was looking for a third-party charger for my MacBook (I constantly forget my “native” at home), my eyes fell on the charger from Ugreen… It can charge MacBook Pro 13 up to 100% in 1.5 hours (maximum power 65W). There are 3 outputs for USB-C and one for regular USB. All outputs support fast charging. The only thing I would like is two regular USBs instead of one since they are still needed more than USB-C.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

Cool charger for multiple devices at once!

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

And the size is compact. You can take it with you

Given a good reputation Ugreen and a price of $49.99, the choice is obvious. A similar charger from Apple costs almost twice as much, and there is only one way out (USB-C).

Charger for MacBook and more

How to connect Ethernet to MacBook?

I found a new device that not only allows you to connect wired Internet to your MacBook. You can even connect an external monitor via VGA with it! It is unlikely that this is so urgent now, but what if someone needs it? In general, this is a real monster, which has as many as 8 different interfaces.

Top MacBook AccessoriesYou Should Look Out

This is what I understand the hub (but who needs this?)

I’m not sure if it’s safe to connect it to a MacBook (just kidding), but as a stationary solution, it may well fit.

USB hub for MacBook with Ethernet and VGA

This is clearly a candidate for the heading “game with Ali,” albeit a useful one.

What other useful MacBook Accessories (not only for laptops but also for desktops) would you recommend yourself? Share links in the comments. In one of the next collections, we’ll talk about cable management – I’ll show you how I implemented it at home for just $10.

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