A wrist watch is not only a convenience and necessity, but also a fashionable accessory that can serve as an excellent addition to a stylish look. Unlike other gadgets, which become unusable after a couple of years, wristwatches are usually purchased for many years. With proper handling, they can last for decades.

Below are the best models of wristwatches ever produced by renowned manufacturers.


Launched in 1983, this watch is the world’s first shock-resistant watch. This model has a number of advantages: an interesting design (a choice of a metal or plastic case is available), support for the Bluetooth function, radio time synchronization, the ability to measure temperature, atmospheric pressure and depth. However, the main advantage is the tremendous shock resistance. This watch is not afraid of falling from a height of up to 10 meters. This advantage is due to the use of special interlayers between different parts of the body. The model is capable of operating from one battery for about 10 years. There are models where replacing the battery is not required, and recharging occurs from the sun.

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Suunto Core

Top 5 wristwatches in terms of price-quality ratio

This is a sports watch from a Finnish manufacturer. They are also powerful. For example, this model is capable of measuring depth and pressure, performing the functions of a compass and calendar. The display shows information about the time of sunrise and sunset, about an impending storm. Suunto Core watches are a lifesaver for people with an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, they do not really withstand the effects of water, that is, it is not recommended to swim with them.

Q & Q VG31-104

Top 5 wristwatches in terms of price-quality ratio

This is a graceful and stylish quartz watch for women. They will look great on a lady of any age category. The advantages of the model include water resistance to 3 atmospheres. With such a watch, you can wash dishes and not worry about the safety of the accessory. The white dial matches perfectly with the golden hands. Q & Q VG31-104 is a classic that is always in fashion.

Fossil JR1157

Top 5 wristwatches in terms of price-quality ratio

This is a high quality and reliable watch for men. They are also made of quartz. The model has not only a calendar and a second hand, but also a chronograph, thanks to which it is possible to keep track of the time when doing sports. The undoubted advantage of Fossil JR1157 is the luminescent coating of the hands – short-term rays of light provide long-term illumination in the dark. The reddish brown main dial looks good with the white chronograph dials.

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Orient Mako 2 FAA02001B3

Top 5 wristwatches in terms of price-quality ratio

This is a classic men’s watch from a famous Japanese manufacturer. The design of the watch is designed in a sporty style, but it can be easily combined with business attire. Extreme precision is achieved thanks to the proprietary Orient F69 caliber. The dark dial has Arabic numerals for minutes and seconds.

Which of the reviewed watch models did you like the most?

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