A series of new smart TVs with advanced matrices, frameless design and their own shell based on Android 9 will appear on the Ukrainian market in October.

Among the basic requirements for a modern TV, the most common are the presence of smart functions, high picture quality and stylish design. In its new series of smart TVs, which will enter the market this fall, the ERGO brand has combined these qualities, adding to them increased reliability, excellent sound and a number of successful technological solutions.

main feature models 2020 of the year – dies manufactured at BOE, Innolux and AUO factories. These manufacturers supply the best LCDs to the world’s leading TV manufacturers. Thanks to the use of modern displays with an advanced matrix in the new 2020 models, ERGO TVs have an extremely high picture quality.

By refining IPS technologies, BOE engineers have created ADS matrices with improved control of light transmission. This provided ADS matrices with a wide range of advantages: the widest viewing angles, deep color reproduction, as well as high brightness and contrast of the screen with significantly reduced power consumption. The user gets real color depth on his screen. Black is really black, not dark gray, white is really bright, and all colors and their shades are saturated, juicy and contrasting. In addition, the TV can be viewed from a very sharp angle from anywhere in the room.

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New products for 2020 with a large screen diagonal support 4K-resolution of the UltraHD format. Thus, they provide increased detail and even better image quality compared to FullHD matrices. Modern technology for video recording, supporting 4K resolution, has long become generally available, so UltraHD matrices in new ERGO TVs are very relevant for the modern user.

The ERGO brand chooses not only advanced matrices for its TVs, but also other components from the best electronics manufacturers. Thus, the CVTE company, the absolute leader in the manufacture of boards for TVs and the owner of over 4400 patents, produces motherboards for ERGO. Chipsets for them are made by such giants as Hisilicon and Mediatek.

The new ERGO smart TVs of the 2020 model range also feature ultra-thin frameless cabinets made in a minimalist style. The contrast between large screen diagonals (up to 65 inches) and ultra-thin edges of TVs creates a powerful design effect that makes an ordinary TV decorate any interior.

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TM ERGO presents the optimal smart TV

Having provided its TVs with a successful electronic “filling”, TM ERGO took care of high-quality “software”. The creation of our own EUI software shell based on Android 9 OS specifically for the new ERGO smart TVs allowed us to adapt and optimize the software code for the hardware platform as much as possible. This approach has led to even faster and more stable operation of the shell and applications in it. In addition to speed and reliability, additional convenience when working in the TV menu is provided by such functions as voice control, as well as screen mirroring and viewing media files from a smartphone on a TV via a wireless connection.

Menu operation is implemented as simple and ergonomic as possible. Almost any action can be taken directly from the start page, for example, view the recommended content from the popular Megogo service. In addition, users can install their favorite applications from Google Play, and the operating system can be updated over the Internet.

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TM ERGO presents the optimal smart TV

The special ergonomic AirMouse pointer, which comes with the new products for 2020, makes it as easy and fast as possible to operate all functions. The special feature of this remote control is a separate button for quick access to the Megogo service. By clicking on it, the user is taken to the largest online cinema in the country with a huge amount of content.

Working on the visual appeal and functionality, manufacturers have also spent a lot of time on the reliability of new products. The ERGO brand is completely confident in the quality of its products and therefore gives an extended three-year warranty for its TVs of the updated 2020 model range.

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