Of course, it is conditional on the mid-budget, since there are no clear criteria for segmenting this market, but provided that the flagship models cost up to $ 1000 or even more, $ 400 falls under the concept of the middle segment.

I’ll clarify: $ 400 is the expected recommended price, and now we will not say that this card will obviously also be in short supply, and its prices will also be higher. Such are the realities of 2020.

So, as you can see, the card almost completely copies the reference RTX 3070. Considering that they have the same GPU GA104, I do not exclude that they have the same printed circuit board, except that the younger model may have some unsoldered elements in power subsystem.

The adapter is expected to receive 4864 CUDA cores, 8 GB of memory at 14 GHz and a 256-bit bus. As far as performance goes, there is a leak from Nvidia’s official slide.

As you can see, we are promised the RTX 2080 Super level, which is cool. If anything, the RTX 2080 Super at one time started at $ 700, that is, it was almost twice as expensive.

But the RTX 2060 Super just cost the same $ 400 at the start, and the 30-50% increase promised by Nvidia is quite impressive.

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