Developing E-Learning courses comes with a huge responsibility. You have to create content that is engaging, interactive, relevant as well as easy to comprehend. It is important to use the tools that will provide you with the ability to make your content up to the mark. 

The implementation of H5P has three major benefits that make the eLearning course more fascinating. 


Learning with games and fun activities has been proven effective for a long time now. Learning courses that have games and challenges in the form of games are most loved by learners. It also increases the chance of learners sticking to the end and completing the course. 

When you’re designing course content with HTML5, you can incorporate principles of video games into your content. They may not give the feeling of actual traditional games but learners can enjoy the learning process.

You can develop interesting game concepts which stimulate cognitive skills and reward the learners with the correct stimulus, increasing their interest in the lesson and improving their performance or competitive abilities.

 In addition to stimulating the cognitive and reward centers in learners’ brains, H5P could help with improving their performance-

  • Learning environments with animated content can provide live feedback to learners, offering them incentives like awards, points, and useful animations. This method can also be used to give learners a chance to check their mistakes or run scenarios multiple times.
  • eLearning games. When you want to integrate more traditional learning games as part of your Learning Management System, H5P can be used to create activities like multiple games like crossword, find the words, flashcards, and many more, with varying difficulty and levels.

Interactive activities

The H5P platform makes it simple to create dynamic surveys, quizzes, and content-rich resources, enabling organizations to transform static content into a customized, interactive tool. Content that is dull, boring, and simple in long text format can be transformed by enabling the edit option in your LMS that has the H5P plugin installed. 

You can select a content type that is relevant for learners, such as Find multiple hotspots, Image Juxtaposition, Memory Game, Personality Quiz, Fill in the blanks, or Essay, which allow educators to provide immediate feedback by defining keywords that trigger specific responses when submitted answers are given. You will need to choose the settings that are most suitable for your learners, add or upload your content, and then you are ready to go!


University researchers have been working with the H5P Core team to enhance the tool’s user-friendliness. A fundamental feature of H5P is that all content is protected with permission options, allowing uploads, downloads, sharing, and tagging. 

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People who are developing a course on programming language can now add private code to H5P content. This is best for tech-savvy people. The content made with H5P is sharable to any device from any browser. Also, it has functionality in over 15 languages. As a result, this is best for HR performance solutions where you need to alter the course depending on the performance and experience of the learner.

Results from using H5P

Beyond the studies, there are multiple case studies from a broad range of industries that demonstrate the benefits of interactive content. In the past decade, the Internet has seen an abundance of media outlets offering interactive quizzes. 

It would be beneficial for eLearning professionals to take a look at how other companies and businesses are driving their course participation by using the H5P plug-in. According to Forbes Magazine, effective and successful interactive content design involves the following steps:

  1. Determine customers’ buying process to decide where to place content.
  2. Design interactive quizzes for your audience based on their preferences.
  3. Establish a clearly defined call to action.
  4. Gather data about consumers. You learn something about the consumer every time they interact with your interactive experience.
  5. Make sure you follow up. It is unfair to only put interactive content at the end of the course. Make interactive content available from the beginning of the course.
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Ensure that you explain the use of interactive activities to your learners. To make sure your learners are not facing any difficulties, check:

  1. Analyze your eLearning course, as well as how it fits together with other courses. This is to identify areas where learners might benefit from more engagement.
  2. Understand what your users’ both short- and long-term learning goals are and make sure your content is customized according to them.
  3. Include a description of how interactivity works as well as its purpose in your introduction.
  4. If you plan to create quiz content, take into consideration how analytics and reporting can be made from learner engagement.
  5. Adding interactive content to the lesson is a great way to lead into meaningful discussions and discovery, but don’t limit the learning experience to interactive content alone.


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