Founder and CEO Elon Musk shed some light on Tesla’s plans to launch new cars on Twitter.

In the Tesla lineup there are now four passenger cars (Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y) and four more already announced new items are on the way – the Roadster 2 sports car, the Tesla Semi tractor, the Cybertruck armored pickup truck and the electric ATV that complements it. All of these vehicles are expected to enter the market next year. Even before the Battery Day battery event, where Elon Musk again talked about an affordable $ 25,000 model, it was reported that Tesla plans to develop more compact and more affordable cars than the current Model 3 sedan. Initially, we learned that Tesla plans to develop its next car in China, and then Musk hinted at the launch of Tesla’s electric hatchback in Europe. In several recent tweets, the head of Tesla clarified that the Shanghai and future Berlin research centers will develop two new models of electric vehicles that will be more compact than the junior Model 3 sedan. That is, we are clearly talking about hatchbacks. After the announcement of an affordable Tesla for $ 25 thousand on Battery Day, many mistakenly thought about releasing a more affordable version of Model 3, which now starts at $ 35 thousand. Musk decided to clarify the situation.

The head of Tesla also stressed that these will be two completely different models, and not versions of one model.

That is, in the foreseeable future, Tesla will release at least two more completely new electric vehicles, and perhaps even three, given the potential scaled-down version of the Tesla Cybertruck for Europe. It is clear that they will enter the market in 2023 at best, but the announcement may take place earlier.

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