In two weeks, a full-fledged presentation of the electric Hummer EV SUV will take place, but in the meantime we have learned some rather interesting information about its multimedia system.

It turns out that the Unreal Engine, which is used in games like Fortnite, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Valorant, will be at the heart of the new Hummer EV’s multimedia system. And it will be the first car on the market to use this technology.

Developers from Epic Games note that they have long been interested in multimedia systems for the automotive industry, because they already have the necessary technology to develop them. And now they can officially introduce their own car interface.

Epic Games promises to develop a functional and customizable system that will support downloadable content. We will find out more information about it on October 20 during the presentation of the Hummer EV.

Sources: Unreal Engine, Engadget

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