Apple is still silent about the new iMac 2021. Just like I was silent last year about Apple Silicon when everyone already knew: Mac on an ARM will be released before the end of the year. Then no one guessed right, Apple released three new computers at once, but in the iMac case, everything is more interesting. Old iMacs are gradually disappearing from the sale, and iMac Pros’ production has been phased out altogether – perhaps forever. Something extraordinary is being prepared, something even more important for Apple and the entire industry. It’s scary to imagine what this something can be. But something about the new iMac 2021 is already known.

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New iMac 2021

If half of the rumors come true, the new iMac will be the bomb.

What’s new in iMac 2021?

It is believed, and Apple seems to even agree with this, that the current iMac models, in several important parameters, are inferior to their counterparts from other manufacturers (there are many of them – HP, Microsoft, etc.). But among the most popular all-in-one, almost all iMacs. Time to change. Something is not a sin and adopt. But not all of the innovations that Apple’s colleagues have implemented in their computers are worth repeating.

For example, a touch interface. But the screen in the entire frontal surface and witty findings that facilitate access to the computer’s insides would be handy. Apple will add something of its own: the screen mini-LED (elite models) and Face ID support. Judging by the performance of the M1, its variants with even more powerful cores, and even with a larger number of them, will break everyone. This is all that is known. The rest is speculation.

Apple iMac 2021 will receive as many as five colors

New iMac 2021 Design

New iMac 2021

Everyone expects iMac to get Apple’s Pro Display XDR design.

There is evidence that something is about to happen to the iMac. In early March, all but the basic iMac Pro configurations became unavailable on the Apple online store’s iMac Pro page. Then there was a message stating that sales would stop as soon as the iMac Pro stock in stock runs out. Eventually (people kept asking), Apple had to announce that the iMac Pro was discontinued officially. If this was the only case, he could find many explanations; it’s painfully a specific iMac. By and large, after the release of the 2019 Mac Pro, it is no longer needed and is already outdated.

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But the same thing started with the 21.5-inch iMac. They now also have some of the options unavailable. At least a 21.5-inch iMac was sentenced to the disappearance. Competitors have long had much larger screens of comparable computers. Since the middle of last year, there have been persistent rumors about an iMac with a 23- or 24-inch screen.

New iMac 2021 Processor

New iMac 2021

Apple may release M1X or even M2 for new iMac

But this change will definitely not be the only one. An M-chip will replace Intel’s new small iMac. The likelihood that this will be the same M1 as in the first Macs based on Apple Silicon is minimal. The iMac’s relatively large body can easily house a powerful and efficient cooling system and seriously overclock the M1. Still, for a small iMac, this solution would be too expensive. It needs a different, more powerful chip- M1X or M2.

Apple was expected to unveil a powerful version of the M1 system-on-a-chip used in the very first Apple Silicon Macs this spring. According to the latest information, the March event will be devoted to other topics. About other topics – also an assumption, but so be it. The powerful version of the M1, called the M1X outside of Apple, can be presented with a press release. To comprehensively explain what it is, a video is not needed.

It seems that an “intermediate” M-series chip is necessary, and there is a field of application for it. A cheap iMac and an advanced Mac mini, for example. Maybe something else.

When will the new iMac 2021 come out?

The New iMac 2021 is the bomb! A Complete Overview TechRechard

iMac concept with built-in dock wireless charging

At first, many talked about the presentation of the iMac at the Apple event on September 23. Still, it is known that Apple wants to introduce a new generation of iPad, AirTag, and other accessories (including the new spring collection of Apple Watch bands, where without it). But it’s not just that the iMac Pro and iMac 4K began to disappear from the sale? So there is hope.

The second option is that a much more powerful chip of the next generation should be presented at WWDC. It is called the M2 (with the same reservations as the M1X). Some believe that it will be a special chip for powerful desktop Macs with a potent GPU. Others include it in 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Both powerful desktop Macs and truly professional MacBook Pros, in addition to the filling of special power, will also differ from the current ones in design. And they will be released along with the new chip in the second half of 2021. It is quite possible that just on WWDC 2021.

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Gerald C Radford
Gerald C Radford
3 months ago

Waiting for the smaller 2021 IMAC to be available for purchase and the price level. At what point can you schedule to turn in a 2014 model and get things transferred at the Apple Store in Virginia Beach, pending price point.

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