Last week, a sheep-counting expedition discovered a mysterious monolith deep in the Utah desert and urged the world to stay away from the find.

According to local news agency KSL TV, the crew of a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter discovered a steel object between 10 and 12 feet (3-3.7 meters) high, which they describe as a “monolith.” On November 18, the team found the object set in the canyon’s rocky bottom and found no “clear indication” of its source. On November 23, they posted photos of him on Instagram and the DOB website.

The department did not reveal the exact location of the monolith.

“It is located in a very remote area, and if people try to visit the area, there is a significant chance that they could be stranded and demand rescue,” the message said.

And although the place with the monolith was not advertised, it seems that enthusiasts could identify its exact location in just a day. Reddit user Tim Slane has provided compelling evidence for the location of the mysterious object.

The location of the mysterious monolith in Utah was revealed using Google Earth
August 2015

Slane has identified a small Redstone canyon’s coordinates with a narrow chasm that closely matches social media photos. Satellite images from Google Earth show a hard-to-see object casting a sharp, high and narrow shadow on the ground. The object appears to be relatively new. Google Earth photos taken in 2013 and mid-2015 show no trace of this object. But he is clearly visible in the photos taken in October 2016. At the same time, the surrounding land was apparently cleared of bushes.

Slane found the canyon through clever cross-referencing. He refined his search process with the online game Geoguessr, where players locate random Google Street View images. To search for the monolith, he used the helicopter’s trajectory from the DOB video with red and white sandstone. In finding coordinates, he was also aided by clues such as the cliffs’ height, the pattern of canyon erosion (indicating a more open area), and the flat surface of the earth, suggesting that it was not often flooded.

The location of the mysterious monolith in Utah was revealed using Google Earth
October 2016

And if determining the monolith’s location turned out to be not such a problem, then it remains a mystery who installed it. Some news outlets suggested that it might be the work of avant-garde artists.

As representatives of the DOB noted, the monolith was placed on the federal one without permission.

“It is illegal, destructive to the breed and potentially destructive to the Big Horn Sheep if it becomes a trend,” the Department said in a statement.

Probably, the responsible authorities will give the order to dismantle the monolith.

Source: The verge

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