Every year, the same situation repeats itself: thanks to the common efforts of Valve fans, the prize pool of The International, the largest Dota 2 competition and one of the most important events in the world of esports, sets new records. And this year was no exception: there are still a few weeks left until the end of the training camp, and the total prize money has already exceeded the $ 34.3 million mark. This is a new absolute record in the history of esports. The previous one, by the way, belonged to The International 2019.

As in previous years, Valve itself has allocated $ 1.6 million, and further content depends on the Dota 2 players.Battle Pass»Worth $ 10 or levels to it, they sponsor the tournament. Each Battle Pass purchased is + $ 2.50 to the general piggy bank.

The announced amount was collected in 92 days, while last year the milestone of $ 34.3 million was passed in 111 days. That is, as a result, the prize fund of The International 2021 may well reach $ 35 million.

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The International 2020 prize pool exceeds $ 34.3 million - a new all-time record

This year, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, was to host The International 2020 in August. It was originally planned that it will take place from 18 to 23 August, but in May 2020, the organizers postponed it indefinitely due to the pandemic. So far, Valve hasn’t made any updates. The status of Kiev’s application for hosting The International 2021 tournament also remains unknown, which is not surprising given the current state of affairs.

Source: dota2.prizetrac.kr

  • Dota 2 is one of the hardest and most popular disciplines in esports. In it, players, divided into two opposing teams of five each, play as one of 113 characters with unique and variable characteristics.
  • The International is the largest Dota 2 tournament in the world. Last year, the winner of The International for the second year in a row was the team from Europe OG (formerly known as monkey Business). The players received over $ 15 million for the victory.
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