More recently, we talked about the compact classic electric car Bugatti Baby II, and now the British brand has decided to present a similar model. The Aston Martin DB5 Junior is a 2/3 scale replica of the classic car of the same name by Aston Martin and The Little Car Company.

The electric car turned out to be 3 meters long and 1.1 meters wide, it uses 10-inch wheels, so that, if desired, not only a child, but also an adult can fit in the cab of this convertible. The Aston Martin DB5 Junior weighs just 270 kg thanks to its honeycomb aluminum base and composite body. Electric motor on the rear axle with 5 kW / 6.7 HP propels the model to nearly 50 km / h (30 mph).

A 1.8 kWh battery pack is hidden under the bonnet, and a full charge lasts 16-32 km (10-20 miles) depending on driving style. At the request of the customer, you can add a second battery of the same capacity, doubling the power reserve. The batteries are removable, so you can quickly swap them for charged ones if you wish. The dashboard and interior trim repeat the original.

In the Aston Martin DB5 Junior electric car, you can choose three driving modes: Novice (1 kW / 19 km / h), Expert (5 kW / 48 km / h), Race (characteristics are synchronized with other Little Car Company models for fair competition). For the most demanding customers, we have prepared a “hot” version of the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Junior with the fourth mode, which doubles the power up to 10 kW / 13.4 hp. and a double-capacity battery with a range of 32-64 km (20-40 miles).

The standard version of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior starts at £ 35,000 ($ 46,700) plus taxes, while the DB5 Vantage Junior will cost £ 45,000 ($ 60,000) plus taxes and up. Electric vehicle production will kick off in the UK in 2021.

Source: Motor1, Aston martin

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