Billions of data have been leaked in 2021. In just a single leak 5 billion records were leaked. Here are the biggest leaks of data in 2021.

Data privacy is of raising importance in 2021. The digitalization of society has been going on for decades and especially boomed during the covid-19 pandemic where much more work had to be done online when people were forced to work from home.

But the security of the internet is threatened. Hacker attacks have led to massive security leaks, or digital backdoors have been left open, so unwanted parties could look into users’ private lives. In this article, we will give you an overview of some of the biggest data leaks in 2021.

1. Cognyte (5 billion records)

Few people know about Cognyte, a cybersecurity company helping enterprises and governments analyze huge quantities of data to increase cybersecurity around this data. But Cognyte is the company behind one of the absolute biggest data leaks of 2021. A database featuring more than 5 billion records of names, email addresses, passwords, and data sources was left exposed on the internet without any kind of password protection.


This was discovered by cybersecurity researcher Bob Diachenko, who quickly informed Cognyte, who could close the backdoor before any harm would be done. So, the data ended up only being exposed for 4 days, says

2. LinkedIn (data of 700 users)

Suddenly also 93 percent of the members at LinkedIn had their data up for sale. Full names, physical addresses, phone numbers, geo-records, email addresses, usernames, CV details, gender, and information about other SoMe-accounts was a part of the leak. LinkedIn though declared this wasn’t based on a leak, but a massive pull of data that was already available to the public.

3. Facebook (data of 553 million accounts)

A massive Facebook leak contained information of nothing less than 553 million accounts. This data was able to be linked to people’s phone numbers and email addresses. With insight into people’s interests, likes, etc. on Facebook you can get a wide insight into the users’ daily life and personal details. This is creating a threat to hackers generating personally aimed attacks armed with insight into people’s views and interests.

The Biggest Data Leaks of 2021
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