Today’s world thrives on mobile connectivity, a tool that has proved to make communication easier and faster than ever before. However, this convenience has also facilitated other less desirable things like cheating, anti-social behavior, and criminal activity. That’s because mobile phones have personalized communication, allowing people to have little secrets. And that’s where Minspy comes in.

Imagine having access to your partner’s messages, call logs, and location information without touching their phone. This would allow you to know your partner’s favorite contacts, where they go after work, the websites they visit, and more. 

This article dives deep into the operations of Minspy and how you can use it to catch a cheater. But first, let’s start with introductions.

What is Minspy?

Minspy is one of the leading Android spy apps in the market right now, with millions of happy customers in 190+ countries. It has featured in top publications including Android Central, The New York Times, and Bloomberg, which reflects their service quality. 

This tool works on iOS and Android devices by creating a secure back door that allows users can access target devices at will. However, this article focuses on how to spy on Android devices.

Who is Minspy Designed For?

Minspy has more uses than just spying on a cheating partner. Here are more scenarios that would warrant the use of a spy app.

  • Concerned parents want to know what their kids are up to when they are not looking. That includes any shared media, location information, and browser history. 
  • Employers can use Minspy to monitor offsite employees who are trusted with valuable company assets. This comes in handy when trusting someone to transport a consignment or when delivering goods to clients. Either way, having access to your employee’s real-time location is always a welcome idea.

Minspy Features That You’ll Use to Spy on Your Partner


Minspy offers a selection of features packed in a tiny 2MB package. Here are some of the most notable features that you’ll use all the time.

Call Tracking: Access all incoming and outgoing calls, complete with contact information and time stamps. You will see even the deleted logs.

SMS Tracking: See all SMSs sent to or from the target device. That includes media, voice messages, and attached documents.

GPS Tracking: Get access to the target’s location history in real-time. This feature uses military-grade GPS technology to place the target on a Google map then confirms the location using WiFi.

Discrete Monitoring: Minspy allows you to spy on Android smartphones and tablets remotely without touching them at all. 

Device Friendly: Minspy does not weigh heavily on the target’s phone’s resources, and that allows it to work in the background.

Why is Minspy Preferred Over Other Android Spy Tools?

Minspy has many benefits over its competition, but its robust privacy policies and security solutions are its strongest traits. The app does a great job safeguarding users’ private data and ensures protection from all security concerns. Here are more Mispy features that make it unique.

No Rooting Required

Rooting your device translates to altering the device’s security protocols, making it extremely vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. And the team behind Minspy knows that. So they found a way to create a back door without using the “invasive” methods.

Minspy is User-Friendly

Minspy is surprisingly convenient to its end users. You can access the target’s info from any cell phone, PC, or tablet, and installation takes less than 5 minutes. You also don’t need any special technical skills to use the app. After that, you can access all the data from the intuitive online dashboard.

The App is Trustworthy

Minspy will never sell your information to third parties, which makes it a trustworthy solution. We have not seen any complaints so far regarding data breaches, spamming, or any other surprises.

Lots of Useful Metrics

Many spy tools offer vanity metrics designed to convince unsuspecting users to pay more money, but Minspy does not. This service offers only the important stuff so you can have a clutter-free dashboard. They also allow users to choose subscriptions with features they’ll use. 

How to use Minspy

Step 1: Create a free account by submitting your best email address and a strong password. Select Android as the operating system of the target phone, then choose a subscription that will work for you. 

Step 2: Install the Android App. Use the download link presented on the download page to install Minspy’s APK on a target phone. You can download the file to your phone, then send it to the target device, or download it directly on the target phone then install it. If you run into any problems, feel free to contact Minspy support for a quick solution.

Step 3: Go to, then log in using the username and password you used to sign up. The website will take you to a control panel where you’ll access all the information you want to know about the target phone.

How Much Does Minspy Cost?

Minspy comes in various subscription packages that give you access to a unique set of features for a particular duration. The basic package costs $39.99 per month for Android devices and gives you access to your target’s online activities, including social media.

The primary and family packages cost $49.99 per month and $69.99 per month, respectively. However, it would be cheaper to go for an annual subscription on all available packages. 

Over to you

Uncovering a cheater is one of the most satisfying things you can do in a lifetime, and Minspy is the perfect tool for the job. You get access to your target’s call logs, messages, location, and other useful metrics so you can make an informed decision. 

However, it is worth noting that using a spy tool can amount to privacy intrusion in some jurisdictions. That means you should keep Minspy a deep secret and never reveal your source of information. That will help you avoid getting in legal trouble, and you’ll still have access to the person’s phone if you want.

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