Are you new to online investing? Don’t worry because we have a list of the best places for online investment with all the features you may need, including minimum deposit, low fee, and other useful options.

If you are indeed a beginner, finding the correct brokerage may help you much more than just being a platform. By trusting a dependable brokerage, you may find a way to a solid investing foundation. You can almost see it as a personal advisor or teacher who will always guide your way.

Before actually talking about the platforms, let us start with the understanding of stockbrokers.

Stock Brokers and Online Method for Investment

Back in the old days, people depended on stockbrokers to place trades on the customers’ behalf. These are the people who can connect you to the available stocks and other securities. Once clunky and costly transactions now changed into a more accessible method via online method.

With an investment platform, people may freely buy and sell their stocks anytime they want. They don’t need to contact a broker anymore. All the job is done within the app, which they can easily install.

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If you’re looking for the top three best online investing platforms, we have a few recommendations here that might interest you:

1. eToro

This is the platform that is pretty much beginner-friendly. It’s a decent option for those who don’t have the experience and the time to do comprehensive online investing. eToro now has about 11 million users around the globe, highly trusted as a multi-asset social investment place where users can buy or sell various instruments in the forms of Crypto, Stocks, or CFD assets.

You may find a feature that is usually called Copy Trading. It works by viewing what other investors do, and the info will be given in real-time. It’s good news for the UK and European users. They don’t need to pay for a commission, meaning that the platform is totally free to use.

The minimum deposit is around $200, and there’s a withdrawal fee of $5.

2. Fidelity Investments

The next one on the list is Fidelity. The platform offers user-friendliness you might not find in other places. It’s a good option for investors with long-term goals. There’s a $5 fee for each transaction, still considered lower than many. It’s not free, but the nominal still makes sense. However, many people love the platform because of its values, especially interface, easiness, and transaction execution. It’s a straightforward platform that might give you anything you want.

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3. E*Trade

Are you familiar with E*Trade? If the answer is yes, mainly it’s because of how extensive the advertising is on regular than others. Maybe you’ve heard or seen it on television. But, the reason why it is trusted is another topic to discuss.

The platform is highly praised for its quick response, high-tech operation, and availability of research tools that are helpful for each investor. However, the fee is a little higher at $7 per transaction.

Tips on Investing Online

If you are a beginner and new to investing, there are a few tips you can learn and start trying.

Don’t forget to protect yourself.

As you go into the world of online investing, it would be best if you were perfectly ready to mitigate any risk that may harm your investment. The initial step to strengthen your protection is by having VPN.

Choosing the best VPN is mandatory. Among other recommendations, ExpressVPN is one preferred option. It gives you decent protection against malicious harms that you may not expect. To get detailed information about this, feel free to check ExpressVPN review by Wizcase experts.

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Find a suitable investment.

If you are a beginner, make sure you are not lazy to look for information about the types of investments that exist. Learn about how it works, the possible risks, the potential benefits, and the timeframe. The more you understand the type of investment, the more you will be able to know the results.

Calculate potential profit and loss

If you have found what investments match your risk profile, start calculating the potential profit and loss. If you have some capital at hand, don’t hesitate to estimate the potential gain and loss of the capital you invest.

Choose a safe and trusted investment platform.

To increase trust and investment security, you can choose a safe and trusted platform that millions of users have used. Regarding this, you can find a lot of options out there. Check the recommended online investing platforms above, and find the best one for you.


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