Paraphrasing is a re-creation of material while maintaining alive the original significance. It would not be mistaken to assume, in other words, that your passage is a restatement. A characteristic and specific content can be achieved with the rephrasing technology, as only the unique content considers as the king of SEO. An accurately paraphrased material will draw more crawlers. A competitive paraphrasing tool would also act as an excellent opportunity to rebuild content quality.

We’ve come up with the review of Prepostseo paraphrasing tool app, one of the best apps on android for paraphrasing articles.

Some websites providespecific resources for paraphrasing, but they are not robust and reliable enough. So Prepostseo offers a multi-function platform to paraphrase documents, complete essays, and articles such that it is original and unique.

The Best App On Android For Paraphrasing Articles

What Is a Prepostseo Paraphraser

Prepostseo provides many web admins, blogs, authors, students, and professors with online support. The website has developed an excellent paraphrasing method to prevent plagiarism in paraphrasing written content.

We have a thorough overview of this online platform with functionality, advantages, uses, and benefits.

Key Features of Prepostseo

Copy and paste directly

It’s effortless to paraphrase the material straight from the internet. It is best to import text straight from the site and place it in the rewording tool’s input box to paraphrase the contents. You get outstanding paraphrased material in just one click after you hit the “Paraphrase” button.

Google Drive

This app is also interesting because it enables you to access data with just a click directly from Google Drive.

Multiple files upload

You can import files directly from the framework if you don’t want to use the copy and paste process to paraphrase the content. Like .pdf, .txt, .docx, and.doc, this method to modify sentences supports many file types.


This synonym changer of the tool is 100% safe to use. You will paraphrase material without limitations; in one day, you can rewrite phrases and multiple paragraphs within a single click in this online app.The paraphrased text is entirely free of copyright in this outstanding application, and the material is also original and spectacular.

Readability checker

Pre-post SEO also features a plagiarism and readability checker and a keyword density, grammar, and plagiarism checker.

Free to use

This app is completely free to download. You will get a plagiarism-free document by spinning a post or text file.

This software does not require you to pay anything to access it. Use this free article rewriter tool to spin your post professionally.

The Best App On Android For Paraphrasing Articles


This online platform produces consistent reports and saves you time from having to write material from scratch. Copy and paste separate paragraphs or sentences to create new content.

SEO Friendly

This paraphrasing tool optimizes search engines. It can also handle SEO content without affecting keyword structure. You can also check keyword density for one, two, or three keywords on the Prepostseo website.

Chrome Extension

This practical software also has a Chrome add-on to help with work and life. You can now conveniently use this approach to spin the text with its Chrome extension. Pick the file, right-click, and choose “Rewrite Selected Text” to get well-written material for your website quickly.

Who can use it?

The following people will use this app to ensure that their content is original and free of plagiarism:


Bloggers needto upload high-quality content on websites promptly.Furthermore, it isn’t easy to compose material regularly while maintaining the initial premise.As a result, they use this incredible tool to paraphrase a large volume of material and make it original and compelling.


Many freelancers use sentence changers to paraphrase their content to deliver high-quality content on time.

Furthermore, freelancers write material that they have already written for a former customer. But, to save time, they use this excellent word changer, which substitutes particular words while maintaining the original concept of the content.


They must apply original research articles and use this excellent method to prevent material plagiarism. To discourage plagiarism in their thesis work, the rewriter makes shifts from line to line. Prepostseo can have the highest quality output without altering the context of the original text.


Students also use this online medium to make the material unique by rewriting sentences, tasks, or presentations. If an instructor or professor discovers a plagiarized assignment or other text, he or she will immediately suspend the student without notice.

Versions of Prepostseo App

Prepostseo available in the following versions

1.  Simple

In the basic model, synonyms from the text can substitute. This simple version is good enough to paraphrase an infinite number of words.

2.  Advance

It is one of this online paraphraser’s most valuable features. Start by pasting the text into the tool and pressing the parenthesis button. The tool summarizes the content and offers advice on how to improve it.

You may also return to the previous stage or rewrite the text by following these steps. Click “Next” after you’ve done editing to see your custom content report.

3.  Beta Version

You can scan up to 5,000 characters in Fluency, Standard, and Creative styles with this handy feature. It employs cutting-edge AI technology and works with a variety of file formats.

You may also paraphrase the material in any language you choose, like

  • English.
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Germany

Pros and Cons of Prepostseo App


  • The tool is simple to use and can access from any mobile screen.
  • It is often beneficial to produce original and non-copyrighted work.
  • In a matter of seconds, this online platform produces effective performance.
  • Changes vocabulary, phrases, and paragraphs quickly to produce new content


  • This tool can’t handle text of more than 5,000 characters
  • It doesn’t reread the rephrasing content.


If you’re a student submitting an assignment or a freelancer posting material, searching for plagiarism should be a top priority to avoid rejection. If you submit your content from your mobile device, you can quickly rephrase it with Prepostseo’s paraphrasing app. When compared to other applications for the same reason, this product stands out due to its incredible


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