An update has appeared on the timing of the appearance of Tesla Supercharger fast charging stations in Ukraine – new data indicate that they will not appear before 2022. About it reported Autogeek with reference to the statement of the expert of transport innovations at the Reform Office under the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Marina Kitina at the recent Kiev International Economic Forum.

“As sad as it is to admit it, but in private correspondence, Tesla employee Stephen Altman-Reacher (from the Business Development Department) told us that the company does not intend to build Tesla Superchargers in Ukraine until 2022, despite plans to do so significantly. earlier, “- the source quotes Kitina.

Recall that initially Tesla planned to build two Supercharger stations in Zhitomir and Lviv back in 2016, but then postponed the dates several times. In 2018, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, personally confirmed the appearance of Tesla Supercharger charging stations in Ukraine in 2019, but this did not happen. At the beginning of 2020, the head of Tesla Club Ukraine Nazar Shimone-David said that already in the first quarter in Ukraine there will be not two, as originally planned, but three Supercharger stations at once. However, the stations never appeared. And now it became known that Tesla now does not plan to build Supercharger stations in Ukraine before 2022.

Source: Autogeek

  • Tesla opened the first Supercharger for its electric vehicles in California in 2012.
  • Last year Tesla introduced the third generation of Supercharger V3 fast charging stations with doubled 250 kW, and the most popular Model 3 supports this charging power (in just five minutes, you can get another 120 km to the range). Previous generation Superchargers provide 120 kW up to 145 kW output current.
  • All over the world today there are 1971 Tesla Supercharger fast charging station with 17,467 electric vehicle connection points.
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