The owner of one of the first electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 has already covered a considerable distance – 100 thousand miles (about 161 thousand km). He shared information about the cost of maintenance during this time and distance, repairs and the level of degradation of the battery.

Qazi Imam was able to drive 100 thousand miles on a Model 3 Long Range electric car of the 2018 model line in a little over 2 years after purchase. That being said, he was pleasantly impressed by the cost of ownership of this vehicle. In those 2 years of operation and 100,000 miles (although most drivers take about 6 years to reach that range), the Tesla Model 3 has a total cost of ownership of $ 4,730, including electricity costs.

“I was amazed at the low cost of car maintenance and repair. The total cost of electricity was $ 2,985. The total cost of maintenance and services was $ 1,741.11. Thus, the total cost of ownership was $ 4,732.11, ”Kazi Imam said.

At the same time, most of the maintenance costs were the purchase of car tires.

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Kazi Imam provided detailed information on all the service that his electric car has undergone in 2 years of operation.

So, at around 36 thousand miles (about 58 thousand km), the air conditioning system began to emit an unpleasant odor. To fix it, the air filters had to be replaced and the evaporator cleaned, which cost $ 136.50. This is a common problem and many car owners experience “mildew odor” with extended use of air filters. Tesla has partially addressed this issue with a software update that has helped improve automatic air circulation, but some owners still have to change the air filter.

Buying tires is the main maintenance cost for electric vehicle owners. Kazi Imam changed tires after a 45,000-mile run (about 72,400 km), which cost him $ 1200.

It has had some additional maintenance costs lately. For 95 thousand miles (about 152.9 thousand km) of run, it was necessary to replace the wiper blades, replace the brake fluid and adjust the wheel alignment angles. The cost of all these works and materials was $ 410.61.

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Tesla Model 3 Flight Magazine: 100,000 Miles in 2 Years, Low Ownership Costs and Minimal Battery Degradation

In addition, during the operation, Tesla has carried out a number of works and replacements under the terms of the warranty or on its own initiative. It is noteworthy that before a run of 50 thousand miles (80.5 thousand km) with the Model 3 electric car there were no problems. But later, there were still several reasons for contacting the corporate service.

  • 51 thousand miles (82.1 thousand km) – The wood trim of the dashboard began to flake off and was replaced under warranty.
  • 63 thousand miles (101.4 thousand km) – squeaks began to appear when using the passenger door window lifter. The window seal was replaced under warranty.
  • 71 thousand miles (114.3 thousand km) – there was a problem with the front left seat belt, which Tesla voluntarily eliminated.
  • 93 thousand miles (149.7 thousand km) – the headrest of the driver’s seat has worn out a little and has lost its original appearance. Tesla also replaced it for free on its own.
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In addition, as part of its warranty service, Tesla installed a lost breather on the battery and replaced the charge port insulators.

After driving 100,000 miles in a Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle, Kazi Imam spent a little less than $ 3,000 ($ 2,985) on electricity. By comparison, the same mileage on a comparable combustion engine, such as the BMW 3 Series, would have required over $ 8,000 in fuel (at US prices).

The degradation rate of the battery after 100 thousand miles of running was small – about 5%. In this case, it took 2 years, but it usually takes about 5-6 years. At the moment, when the battery is fully charged, the car can travel about 305 miles (about 491 km).

A source: electrek

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