The ability to make calls, exchange messages and files for free are the basic functions of Internet messengers. There are hundreds of special applications for a tablet and a smartphone, but one software has a multimillion audience, and only a few know about the existence of the other. Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp are leading in the ranking of user popularity.


A cross-platform for exchanging messages and media files of different formats has long outgrown the messenger format. Here are all popular media, thematic channels, subscribing to which, users will be aware of the news.

The closed source servers are located in America and Germany. Data encryption and a high degree of protection are a feature that Telegram fans appreciate.

The messenger has other advantages:

  • Ability to correspond from the stationary version installed on the computer.
  • Message self-destruct timer.
  • High speed of information exchange.
  • Free access to all features.
  • Lack of advertising and restrictions on the volume of messages.
  • Ability to delete the sent message.
  • Built-in photo editor.
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Telegram, Viber or Vatsap: which messenger is better

A program for making calls over the Internet and sending messages. Calls between software users are free. Conveniently, the phone number on the mobile and in Viber is the same, and contacts are synchronized automatically. Users are also searched for by phone number.

The company’s servers are located in Luxembourg – all information goes there. As the company representatives explain, they need the data to improve the quality of service.

The advantages of the application are as follows:

  • Ability to call landline and mobile numbers in different countries.
  • The ability to share photos, videos, text files.
  • There are functions for ordering some goods and services through the application.

Calls to landline phones and mobile numbers of subscribers who do not use the application are paid.


Telegram, Viber or Vatsap: which messenger is better

Another popular messenger with support for online video and voice communication. The functionality allows you to send photos to share videos. The developers took care of data security – they are protected by end-to-end encryption.

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The user can set an avatar, change the background color and picture, set a status to identify his profile. The maximum file size you can send is limited to 100 MB.

Unlike the two previous messengers, this application does not need to be specially launched. As soon as the message arrives, the system will notify the user. The advantage of the program is stable operation with a weak Internet signal. Telegram and Viber cannot boast of this.

Which application are you using? Satisfied or would you like to replace it?

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