Telegram CEO Pavel Durov recently announced that Stories would be introduced to the platform in early July. Initially hesitant to adopt Stories from other platforms, Telegram has decided to integrate this popular feature into its service after considering user feedback. We’ve gathered all the information you need to know about Telegram Stories.

Telegram Introduces Stories: A Comprehensive Guide

How Telegram Stories Work and What They Are

Telegram Stories function similarly to Instagram Stories. Users can add videos and photos (from both front and main cameras) and pin them to their profile. There are options to make stories visible to everyone, only contacts, specifically selected contacts or a list of close friends. Stories will appear at the top of the chat list section, and users can hide stories from specific contacts by moving them to the “Hidden” list under “Contacts.”

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Telegram Introduces Stories: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating Telegram Stories

To create a story in Telegram, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Add” to access the Story feature.
  2. Choose whether to take a photo.
  3. Click on “Set.”
  4. Set the duration for the publication.
Telegram Introduces Stories: A Comprehensive Guide

Additional Features and Benefits

Telegram Stories allow users to add captions and links to their photos and videos, providing context and information. Like Instagram, users can tag others in photos to increase their visibility. Notably, Telegram Stories also enable users to simultaneously post pictures and videos taken with both the front and main cameras, similar to the functionality of the “BeReal” app.

For channels on Telegram, the introduction of Stories presents an opportunity to gain more views and followers. When the ability to distribute channel messages in stories is launched, content has the potential to go viral more easily on Telegram. This feature allows channel owners to reach a broader audience and engage with their subscribers more effectively.

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Telegram Introduces Stories: A Comprehensive Guide

Exciting Facts About Telegram Stories

Users will have control over the lifespan of their stories, with options to expire after 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Stories can be permanently displayed on a user’s profile page, similar to Instagram’s archive or highlights feature. This functionality will enhance Telegram profiles by allowing users to explore the content of their closest contacts and learn more about others within channel groups or comments.

Following internal testing, even skeptical users have embraced Stories and eagerly await their arrival. Durov believes that Telegram can no longer be imagined without this popular feature. With the upcoming launch of Stories, Telegram aims to introduce a new era of social interaction, creating a more dynamic environment for its users.

Telegram’s decision to incorporate Stories demonstrates its commitment to listening to user feedback and enhancing its social features. By offering privacy options, advanced channel creation tools, and increased channel exposure, Telegram strives to provide users with a more enriching and interactive communication experience.


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