I’ve already covered SwitchEasy iPhone 12 Pro Max cases. These were the usual options without MagSafe magnets, and any self-respecting iPhone 12 owner is obliged to get a charger or some accessory with magnets. Actually, today we will talk about two SwitchEasy cases with magnets.

Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review


This is an analog of Apple’s silicone case, but for $29. MagSkin is made soundly: no unnecessary seams, buttons are duplicated correctly, all sides are closed, that is, in theory, nothing will happen to the device if it falls on any edge.

A plastic insert additionally protects the camera. The only question is the large gaps in the frame. I am especially confused by the “hole” of a few millimeters in the lower part.

A light steel frame around the perimeter is visible, and perfectionists will not appreciate this. If the smartphone is graphite or blue, then it should not strain.

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SwitchEasy MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases Review

MagSkin is available in black, dark blue, orange, and light pink for all iPhone 12 smartphones. By the way, the magnets, in this case, hold accessories better than the magnets of the original Apple Silicone Case.

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This is a transparent case, but not plastic, but silicone. There is a certain caste of people who quote only such cases and do not consider anything else. Therefore, a transparent silicone case is available in the arsenal of almost every manufacturer.

Of course, there are some peculiarities here: after a while, the cover will turn yellow. This cannot be prevented or cleaned in any way unless you replace the old cover with a new one.

SwitchEasy MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases Review

Another problem is that dust, sand, hair gets under the cover- not only of this but of any transparent case and forces to scratch the edges. If you want to minimize scratches, take a silicone case with microfiber inside. There will be fewer scratches, but they will appear anyway. Seriously, the steel frame scratches faster than iPhone glass.

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But the strangest thing about the MagClear case is the lack of one magnet for fixing. The circle is correct. All the accessories cling to it perfectly, but due to the absence of a small magnet just below, the wallet constantly wags from side to side. For me, a wallet is an additional fixation of the smartphone in my hand. With this case, you can say no additional fixation.

SwitchEasy MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases Review TechRechard

Unlike the original case, MagClear covers the smartphone from all sides and is available in two colors: completely transparent (it will definitely turn yellow) and light gray (it will turn yellow, but it will look a little better than transparent). Such a cover costs $19.99.

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Outcome: Should you buy SwitchEasy Cases?

SwitchEasy cases without MagSafe magnets seemed more interesting to me. Silicone MagSkin – ok, there are no questions to it, and the gap is most likely a marriage of my copy. The transparent MagClear case is a compromise, but on the same AliExpress, you can find silicone cases with the “correct” magnets.

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