An iPad personally autographed by Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, has taken center stage at an upcoming auction. This unique item, gifted by Jobs to a dentist in Hawaii, is anticipated to fetch bids exceeding $10,000.

An Unplanned Dentist Visit and a Kind Gesture

Back in the spring of 2010, Dr. Frank H. Sayre, a dentist, treated Steve Jobs during his visit to Hawaii, waiving off the treatment charges as a gesture of ‘Aloha.’ In gratitude, when Sayre requested an autographed iPad for a silent auction fundraiser, Jobs sent the device with a personal note, “a personal gift from Steve,” the message read.

Early Bids Soaring High

RR Auctions, handling the sale, has commenced preliminary bidding, and at the time of reporting, bids for the iPad have already surpassed the estimated price, reaching close to $12,000.

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Unopened Original iPhones Join the Auction.

Also up for grabs are two pristine, unopened original iPhones. A rare 4GB model has already garnered bids over $16,000, while an untouched gift-wrapped 8GB iPhone has an initial offer of $10,000. Another sealed original iPhone recently fetched a staggering $158,000 at auction.

Steve Jobs' Autographed iPad and Sealed iPhones Head to Auction

A Piece of Apple’s Early Financial History

Adding to the list of Apple memorabilia, a 1976 check from Apple bearing Steve Jobs’ sole signature will also be auctioned. This artifact, issued to Graphics West, is anticipated to rake in upwards of $25,000. Bids currently stand at $18,868. For context, a similar early check from Apple sold for a remarkable $135,000.

The auction will kick off with live online bidding on Saturday, September 23, at 1:00 p.m. ET. With several Apple enthusiasts and collectors eyeing these treasures, the event promises to be memorable.


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