It is not in vain that the most popular and demanded phones are devices of the iPhone brand. And the point here is not only the design features of the brand, but also the functionality that many Android users envy. The peculiar keyboard on the iPhone has earned a lot of praise. It is quite possible to put it on an Android smartphone.

If we compare the two options, it turns out that the keyboard is not very convenient in the Android system. Typos, false clicks and some secondary buttons get in the way often. They even carried out a kind of test on the speed of typing, and the iPhone won by a large margin.

The situation is saved by the fact that on almost any Android device, you can choose one of three keyboard options at will: GBoard, SwiftKey and Go Keyboard. To install a convenient option, it is better to choose the first one. If for some reason there is no such item on the device, you need to download it separately. After this keyboard is selected and set as the main one, you need to open it in any convenient way when typing a message or comment or in a notepad. And then at the top of the keyboard window, you need to find the gear icon, this will open the settings. There you need to go to the “theme” item, then in the “colors” line you need to select the third tab and turn on the “key outlines” function. Then you need to return to the main screen of the keyboard settings and select the “advanced” item. There you need to uncheck the “send usage statistics” line. Alternatively, you can get rid of the Google search button. This will make the keyboard look more like an iPhone. Thus, you can get rid of unnecessary elements.

Step-by-step installation of the keyboard on Android as on iPhone

For the sake of completeness, you can turn off the vibration response, which real iPhones do not have, and then set the sounds to press the keyboard. Many people love the dark theme keyboard feature on iPhone. You can do this in GBoard too. In the settings, you need to go to the “themes” sub-item and select the fourth line.

There is another way to update the keyboard for iPhone. To do this, download the corresponding “OS 11” offer. It is enough to download it, install and activate it. The application does not take up much space, and the settings are intuitive.

Which keyboard is more comfortable for you to use?

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