The Ukrainian studio GSC Game World showed the gameplay of the hotly anticipated role-playing shooter STALKER 2 for the first time – a short teaser recorded on the game’s engine was published on the IGN channel.

A little less than one minute long, the video shows first-person shots of the gameplay – the protagonist nicknamed Skif. In it, the hero runs through a dilapidated building, unsuccessfully trying to pick up a network signal on a laptop. Small particles of dust fly in the air around it, and debris is scattered everywhere, reminiscent of a large-scale catastrophe that happened recently. The video is highlighted with HDR-style frames diluted with slow motion. The musical accompaniment additionally gives the atmosphere – in the background plays the “Life Line” of the Spleen group, familiar to many, including from the film “Brother 2”.

In the description, the developers emphasize that the video is completely recorded on the game engine and fully conveys the sensations that players can experience – “a fast change of environment, ominous landscapes, and a constant bad feeling.”

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Previously, the developers showed several teasers with locations from the Zone, including locations from previous parts of the series. It is also known that on Xbox Series X, the game will support 4K and ray tracing.

IGN suggests that STALKER 2 will be released next year (and they are optimists, yes).

As a reminder, STALKER 2 was announced at the summer presentation of the Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase. Recently, PR-manager of GSC Game World Zakhar Bocharov confirmed that the game would be released only on PCs and consoles of the current generation. Simultaneously, the project will be a temporary console exclusive for the Xbox Series X | S. That is, it will be released on PS5 later.

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