At the very beginning, it was said that STALKER 2 would be released on PC, Xbox Series X, and (then not yet confirmed) Xbox Series S. But, nothing was said about versions for PS4 and Xbox One. Now we can confidently say that there will be no release for them.

In fact, Bocharov confirmed this information last week. Today he talked about what led the team to this decision.

According to him, the game “Just technically won’t be able to work anywhere, except for the most current console hardware”… As for the PS4 and Xbox One specifically, they “Neither the scale nor the picture will be taken out”

At this stage of development, there is not even an approximate release date. In the November issue of the podcast “Pilim, Three,” Bocharov said that the project has an internal release date, but they are not yet ready to announce it publicly.

The developers have previously shared details about the game. They promised a real open world, an improved version of “Life simulations” A-Life as well “A grandiose, non-linear story with many different endings”

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