During Sony’s recent PlayStation Showcase event, the company officially announced the upcoming release of Project Q, a highly anticipated handheld gaming display for the PS5. The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment took the stage to confirm the news, revealing that the device is set to hit the market later this year.

Project Q is a specialized device designed to enable users to stream any game from their PS5 console over Wi-Fi. This innovative handheld display features an HD screen and incorporates powerful DualSense wireless controller chips. However, it functions exclusively in tandem with the PS5 console.

Sony Unveils Project Q: A New PS5 Handheld Gaming Display Set to Launch Later This Year

Resembling a PlayStation controller with an eight-inch screen in the center, Project Q enhances the gaming experience by offering a portable solution for playing PS5 games. It should be noted that the device serves as an accessory or peripheral for the PS5 rather than a standalone gaming console.

While specific details regarding Project Q, such as its official name and price, are yet to be announced, Sony assures eager fans that more information will be revealed shortly. The company remains committed to providing gamers with innovative and immersive gaming experiences at home and on the go.

Sony Unveils Project Q: A New PS5 Handheld Gaming Display Set to Launch Later This Year

In addition to the exciting announcement of Project Q, Sony unveiled the upcoming release of their first-ever wireless official PlayStation headphones during the event. The headphones debuted in a captivating video, emphasizing Sony’s dedication to enhancing the gaming experience through cutting-edge technology.

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As gamers eagerly await further updates on Project Q and the official PlayStation headphones, Sony continues to push the boundaries of gaming innovation, cementing its position as a leading player in the industry. Stay tuned for more details and release information as Sony’s next-generation gaming offerings unfold.


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