Some British Amazon customers received kitchen appliances (or empty boxes altogether) instead of pre-ordered PS5s

PS5 sales worldwide started on November 19, but not all users who pre-ordered the new Sony consoles were able to receive orders on time, and some UK Amazon customers faced more surprises than the usual delivery delays. Instead of the console, several users found nothing in the parcels (they came empty) or other goods they did not order.

On Twitter and Reddit, There are quite a few corresponding complaints from angry customers who paid for pre-orders on PS5 consoles but ended up with a nose. Someone got cat food instead of a console.

Journalist Backs April May found a deep fryer in a box on her order instead of a PS5.

Immediately before delivery, they all received notifications from the store that their order from PS5 was delivered to the specified address.

Some did not receive anything at all – they received empty boxes.

Users also talked about cases when couriers arrived, marked the order as completed without actually delivering it, and then left. It is assumed that it was the unscrupulous couriers who replaced the consoles in the packages.

UK Amazon has yet to make any official announcements regarding these incidents.

In this case, on the eve of a Twitter user from the UK told about robbing two vans carrying the new PS5. This incident resulted in the cancellation of all deliveries before the end of the day. And here, one involuntarily recalls similar incidents with the robbery of vans carrying iPhone. Such stories are rare these days, as Apple can lock phones remotely.

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