In mid-October, there was unpleasant news that the owners of LG smart TVs in Ukraine, after the upcoming firmware update (will be released on November 16), may face a limitation or complete blocking of Smart TV functionality. And now we have received an official comment from the Ukrainian division of LG. In short: the company called for buying equipment in official partner stores, and also promised simple ways to solve the problem.

As with the recent story with Samsung TVs, the problem only affects models manufactured by LG for sale in other countries, not Ukraine. That is, we are talking about the so-called “gray” TVs, unofficially imported into Ukraine.

“LG equipment, which comes to the territory of Ukraine, is subject to customs duties and undergoes mandatory certification in order to comply with the requirements of technical regulations. This is a guarantee of its adaptation and
readiness to work in Ukraine, and also confirms the availability of a guarantee from the plant
manufacturer and service by official service centers. Unfortunately, sometimes televisions and other equipment enter the country bypassing these rules.

Unofficial products have no special markings and certificates. it
means that the quality of its work in the conditions of certain communications has not been verified (for example, in different countries the voltage in the network is different), it may not be equipped with accessories, it may not have instructions in Ukrainian and a translation of the control panel, and the set of software may be incomplete or localized for another country. “

From LG statement

LG warns users against buying unofficial technology, paying attention to the risks and disadvantages associated with a lower price:

  • the possibility of incorrect work from the first day of purchase;
  • lack of a manufacturer’s warranty and the possibility of servicing by an official service;
  • malfunctions after an official software update;
  • difficulties in buying original parts or accessories;
  • the inability to return money for the goods in case of withdrawal of the batch from circulation.

To save time and make full use of Smart TV services, the manufacturer recommends checking the equipment for conformity marks and refraining from rash buying goods in unverified stores.

How to check the TV for compliance with the certificate?

According to the legislation, household appliances imported into the territory of Ukraine,
must pass the state certification system UkrSEPRO, and receive the appropriate marking – the National Mark of conformity to the requirements of technical regulations in the form of a trefoil. This applies to all 2020 LG TVs. The mark is applied to the rear of the TV to indicate that the device has passed the required laboratory tests and evaluation procedures. In addition to the markings on the rear panel, the model number is indicated

Can get blocked non-certified 2020 models of the following

  • OLED: CX, GX, WX, ZX.
  • NanoCell: NANO806, NANO866, NANO916, NANO956, NANO996, NANO906.
  • UHD: UN8500, UN8100, UN7400, UN7390, UN7100.

LG acknowledges that it is not uncommon for sellers to knowingly mislead the buyer by selling them an uncertified product.

For current TV owners who may experience blocking in the future, the company advises to contact LG Customer Support or Service Center. In a statement, the manufacturer speaks of the potential for additional equipment with original elements that are necessary for correct operation and troubleshooting by service employees. At the same time, the company does not specify whether such a service will be free or whether it will have to pay extra for unlocking. We asked the company to clarify this point, but have not received a response yet.

And LG is there too. The company has warned about blocking Smart TV in “gray” TVs after November 16

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