Slack, the business communication platform, has officially launched its new developer platform after nearly three years of development and beta testing. The platform features a “next generation” API with a modular architecture that makes it easier to create integrations and automation. The company said it listened to feedback from developers, builders, administrators, and users to make the platform more powerful and valuable.

The new modular architecture is based on building blocks such as functions, triggers, and workflows that can be mixed, reused, and connected to everything that goes in and out of Slack. Developers will also benefit from a faster and more intuitive interface, including new tools like the Slack CLI and TypeScript SDK.

Slack also highlighted the platform’s secure deployment, data storage, and authentication, based on a Slack-managed serverless infrastructure and a fast Deno-based TypeScript runtime, which allows developers to focus on their code and users. The platform also features a flexible user interface, making sharing what’s created anywhere on Slack easy.

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In addition to the new platform, Slack has also updated its Workflow Builder, which will soon become a “powerful no-code tool that will provide users with Slack automation and everyday tool integration.” The company plans to focus on feature distribution in the coming months.

The platform will be priced based on “premium workflows,” while “standard workflows” will remain free. However, Slack offers a free six-month trial of the next-generation platform from April 24th to October 31st. “Standard workflows” using only Slack’s built-in features will remain free, while “premium workflows” with custom-coded features will be subject to additional charges once usage thresholds are exceeded. The price will depend on how often a premium workflow is run, and every paid Slack plan will include a set of premium workflow runs.

To begin using the next-generation Slack API, visit the platform’s landing page. You can explore sample ideas on the site to inspire your own integrations and automation. Additionally, Slack suggests checking out its Community forums as a helpful resource.

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