Czech automaker Skoda spoke about the development of a Sound Analyzer app that uses machine learning technology to diagnose a car. The program records the sound of the car, after which the AI ​​compares this recording with the previously saved ones, looks for differences and analyzes them, trying to determine if there are problems with the equipment and which ones.

Skoda Analyzer should be useful for auto mechanics, because it makes it faster and easier to carry out the initial diagnostics of the car, since for this they only need a smartphone and the application itself. By the way, already 245 Skoda dealers are testing the program in 14 different countries since June 2019.

The software at this stage is capable of recognizing 10 patterns with an accuracy of over 90%. Also for components such as steering system, air conditioning compressor, clutch in DSG gearbox, etc. The company believes that artificial intelligence technologies will help in the future to offer customers an even more personalized and quality service.

Source: Skoda

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