The year 2021 was all about Bitcoin! This currency got to the investors’ newer heights of fame and love. From being merely a theoretical concept, digital currencies turned into a useful source of investment for traders.

It got more acceptance and turned into a potent choice for people when investing. The market of this form of currency is evolving every single day.

It is safe to say that it won’t be only the bitcoin that would receive love from the traders in the coming days. Rather, the altcoins are being accepted by them with wide arms, and there are great chances of a lot of altcoins competing with Bitcoins in 2022.

Some of the major cryptos that are vying to get the place of Bitcoin and defeat it in terms of popularity and market share are as follows:

1. Ethereum

After bitcoin, Ethereum has the highest share in the market. This currency is the largest competitor of bitcoin at the moment. Most people are adopting Ethereum over bitcoin because of its fast transaction facility.

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In a single second, Ethereum supports 15 transactions, while bitcoin can provide only up to 8 transactions in this period.

Alongside this, this currency offers smart contracts to the users. There is no downtime, which makes the procedures and processes quite fast. As the system is completely decentralized, there is no chance of any central authority looking over your activities.

2. Cardano

Cardano is in a league of its own. As this currency is designed and offered after extensive research by some engineers and experts, it is surely one of the most trusted cryptos. However, one thing which may hinder its popularity in the future is the slow growth of the currency.

However, the examinations made by it, which are step by step, are highly appreciated by the traders. Its extensive security measures make it a reliable option for investors.

3. Terra

In the last few months of 2021, Terra has shown a lot of progress. Compared to other currencies, its performance has been commendable. The global payment system gets some level of stability through this altcoin and the extensive blockchain protocol that it is based on.

4. Binance

Another great crypto that you need to consider to buy in 2022 is Binance. It is a token that the traders use and is based on the protocol known as blockchain technology.

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In the past, this mode of exchange and currency did see a lot of issues and wasn’t getting the much-needed fame amongst the traders. However, with a higher security level, it has gained quite a lot of popularity across the world.

5. Avalanche

This crypto also uses smart contracts to help people buy and sell cryptos. It is quite a smart investment choice as a prominent part of the blockchain industry.

One downside of Avalanche is that it is not very fast! This means that the number of transactions a person can do in a second is quite low compared to what other cryptos offer.

However, as this currency comes with a very low fee requirement, many people choose it under budget constraints. Alongside this, the working of this crypto is highly environmentally friendly.

6. Solana

Solana is the fastest crypto as it offers as many as fifty thousand transactions in a single second. Now, this is pretty impressive, isn’t it? This fast working of the crypto is surely the main reason most people opt for it over other options.

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Like Ethereum, Solana also offers smart contracts to its traders to keep the highest possible security in the transactions.

How all these cryptos work in 2022 also depends on the economic conditions of a particular country. If the administration of a state decides to ban specific crypto for its citizens, its market share will automatically go down!


The year 2022 is the year of cryptocurrency! Many crypto experts have predicted that this year, most investors will shift their priorities and move towards crypto.

If you’re also convinced and willing to invest in the mentioned coins, then do try and do trade with ease. 

If you want to make crypto trading work for yourself, it is high time you start exploring these coins. To expand your portfolio, you would have to put money into buying other cryptos, which will give you a higher level of security and protection.


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