If you have two Macs at home, you probably need to send files between Macs. These can be text documents, PDF files, etc. You can also read How to Transfer Your Photos and Videos from Apple iCloud to Google Photos: 2 Way Easy Guide.

This article will tell you about seven straightforward ways to send files between Macs. Which one you choose depends on your preferences.

  • 1. AirDrop
  • 2. iCloud Drive
  • 3. Messages
  • 4. Mail
  • 5. Dropbox
  • 6. System Sharing
  • 7. Flash Drive
  • Other options

1. AirDrop

The quickest and easiest way to send files between Macs is with AirDrop. The service uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send files. To do this, computers must be no more than 10 meters apart.

You can use the Share menu or the AirDrop window to send a file through AirDrop.

1. Use the Share button to open the available options. In the menu, select AirDrop, then select your device and click Finished after you send.

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2. With Finder, open the AirDrop window. If AirDrop is on the Finder side menu, select it. Pull your file into the AirDrop window and then onto the right device.

Here is a detailed guide that you can use.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: Airdrop

2. iCloud Drive

You can share not only files, but entire folders through iCloud Drive.

1. Open Finder and select iCloud Drive in the side menu.

2. Highlight the file or folder you want to share and then click the Share button on the toolbar. Choose Share a folder or share a file.

3. Choose a way to send a public invitation and set up options.

4. Click Share and follow the instructions. This way you can easily send files between Macs.

You can also use this complete guide.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: icloud drive

3. Messages

Send files between Macs can also work via Messages. If computers are far from each other or don’t want to customize many options, this is your option to send files between Macs.

You can do this in two different ways.

1. Use the Share button and select Messages, add the recipient, click Enter to send.

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2. Open the conversation in Messages, drag the file into the message and click Enter.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: Via Messages

4. Mail

If you send a file to the Mail, the recipient can easily receive it.

1. Use the Share button and select Mail, add the recipient and click Send.

2. In the Mail program, please select the recipient, create a new email for him, drag the file into the email, and click Send.

3. Create a new email by selecting the recipient, click the File Attachment button, find your file, click Select File, and then Send.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: Via Mail

5. Dropbox

If you’re using Dropbox, you can send files between Macs through it as well. Mac has a separate Dropbox program that can be downloaded from here.

You can share a file online or in the program almost like you do through iCloud Drive. Click Share, add the recipient, set up options and click Share file.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: Dropbox

6. System Sharing

You can share a folder with your documents you want to share with another Mac using default system settings.

1. Go to System Settings to share.

2. On the left, tick next to Share the files.

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3. On the right, you will see Shared Folders. You can click the plus icon to add a new one. You can also set up access to the right.

When you set up the feature, you’ll see a green circle at the top, and below is a list of people you share your files with.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: System Sharing

7. Flash Drive

With features like AirDrop and iCloud Drive, it’s easy to send files between Macs and forget the traditional way of using a flash drive. This is useful if you don’t want to store the document on your computer but want to access it.

Plug the flash drive into the Mac’s USB connector, open it in the Finder side menu, and pull the files into the window. You can then connect the flash drive to another Mac and open your files.

Ways to Send Files Between Macs: USB Drive

Other options to send files between Macs

All the ways above are quite simple and fast, but there are others:

  • Internet services like Google Drive.
  • Programs like OneDrive.
  • Tools like Transmit or Filezilla.
  • OwnCloud service and the like.

It’s always nice to have a few options to choose from. Now you know about different ways to send files between Macs.

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