There is now only one smartphone on the market with a front-facing camera located under the screen. This is the ZTE Axon 20 5G model, the release of which, in my opinion, ZTE did a service to other companies, showing everyone that the technology is still very crude.

I think, of course, it will eventually be finished, but Samsung already has an exciting alternative. So far, it is only captured in a patent, and it is not at all a fact that it will ever get to serial products, but the implementation is interesting, so I decided to write about it.

Describing the essence is not easy, so look at the images.

As you can see, Samsung offers to leave the camera under the display but add an important element to it – a small additional screen.

Samsung proposes to place a small moving display inside a smartphone TechRechard

The area in front of the camera in the main panel will be transparent. When the camera is activated, everything should work fine. That is, the display will not interfere with the receipt of normal images. But the rest of the time, a small additional screen will go into place in front of the camera inside. It can display various useful information, which is also very original.

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On the one hand, the solution is technically far from the simplest. On the other, it differs little from the outgoing front cameras, except that the moving element’s location is more complicated.

Samsung proposes to place a small moving display inside a smartphone TechRechard

Therefore, it is not a fact that Samsung will eventually implement this approach, but it seems possible in general.

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