Cloud computing giant Salesforce acquires corporate messenger Slack. The deal will mark one of the most significant acquisitions in the business software industry in years and the largest Salesforce acquisition ever.

According to the press release, Salesforce will pay $ 27.7 billion for the purchase of Slack. Under the terms of the agreement, Slack shareholders will receive $ 26.79 in cash and 0.0776 Salesforce common shares for each Slack share. Taking into account the value of Salesforce shares as of November 30, 2020, this forms the amount of $ 27.7 billion.

Slack was founded as a gaming startup in 2009. The company then focused on providing corporate communications that could compete with email. In the future, the list of offered services has expanded due to the functions of video conferencing, file hosting, IT administration, etc. Slack quickly grew into a major competitor to Microsoft in the field of corporate communications. As of October last year, it had over 12 million daily active users. Its market value is about $ 25 billion.

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Source: The verge

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