In an intriguing rumor making the rounds today, it is speculated that Apple Maps will undergo a significant transformation on the iPhone lock screen with iOS 17. While this proposed change would scale down the Maps view, it would give users access to notifications and display the date and time.

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The rumor originated from a tweet by an anonymous Twitter user known as Analyst 941, who stated, “Like it or not, Apple doesn’t care – it’s the new Live Activity Maps for the lock screen (all iPhones).”

While Analyst 941 provided accurate details about the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro before its launch, their track record for precise predictions is not well-established.

As depicted in the images shared by Analyst 941, the purported new Maps Live Activity lock screen experience is expected to resemble Apple Music more closely than the current Maps lock screen in iOS 16.

Presently, when using Apple Maps, the entire lock screen is dedicated to displaying the navigation. In the potential change for iOS 17, the new design would feature a 2/3 view for Maps, while the time and date would remain at the top 1/3 of the screen. Additionally, users would have the ability to resize the view to a smaller 1/3 size to align with the appearance of Apple Music and other apps on the lock screen.

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Furthermore, in iOS 16, users cannot view notifications while navigating with Apple Maps from the lock screen. Swiping up only unlocks the phone. However, according to Analyst 941, in iOS 17, users could access notifications by swiping up, similar to any other Live Activity-enabled integration.

Finally, Analyst 941 stated, “Yes, this feature is coming to iOS 17. However, this rumor is relatively new, so it’s challenging to ascertain its validity. Nevertheless, with less than a month remaining until Apple officially unveils iOS 17 at the main WWDC event on June 5, all will be revealed soon enough.”


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