Realme has introduced a smart TV with a new type of panel. It’s called SLED. Realme itself explains the peculiarity of such a panel as follows: this is a regular LCD panel with a backlight, and all the salt is in it. Instead of the usual blue back lighting for other panels, RGB is used here.

Realme claims this solution provides a clearer picture and 108% NTSC color space coverage. The manufacturer also compares its TV with Samsung QLED TVs, which is theoretically quite correct, but how things will be in reality, we learn from the first reviews. But the price of Smart TV SLED gives it a tangible head start.

As for the main characteristics, we are talking about a 55-inch 4K panel, a 24-watt sound system, thin bezels, a MediaTek platform, 16 GB of flash memory and an Android TV operating system. The price of all this is only $ 585, but this is in India.

Realme Smart TV SLED presented - the first TV with a SLED panel TechRechard

If Realme Smart TV SLED really delivers excellent picture quality, it will be a very strong player in the market considering the price. I don’t know if such a TV will appear, but Realme TVs are already on sale in our market. True, the prices for them, surprisingly, are lower than those in India. If suddenly the same situation occurs with Smart TV SLED, then you can expect prices in the range of 12000-14000 UAH.

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