Realme is the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand!

On October 30, 2020, Counterpoint Research named Chinese smartphone and AI gadget maker realme the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world. For the 3rd quarter of 2020, realme managed to reach 50,000,000 sales mark. By harnessing the energy of youth, which is the core of realme fans and buyers, the company has surpassed global competitors and achieved 50,000,000 sales in just 9 quarters.

In addition, realme achieved a record quarterly sales of 14.8 million. And with 132% QoQ gains in Q3, the company surpassed analysts’ expectations.

According to Counterpoint, realme’s supply growth rate shows “the fastest growth leap among the world’s major manufacturers.”

Realme has achieved 50 million in sales thanks to its success with young people around the world. The brand has succeeded in capturing the attention of young users in different countries and cultures.

“Realme has managed to become one of the top 5, even the top 3 brands in key global markets including India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and other countries in South Asia,” says Counterpoint analyst Kumar Abhilash.

Source: Counterpoint

realme celebrates: 50,000,000 sales and title "fastest growing smartphone brand" in the world

Source: Counterpoint

The realme company has already established itself in the market as a brand offering high-level technologies, decorated in a trendy design at an affordable price. As analyst Kumar Abhilash commented:

“Realme has become the most resilient brand during and after the pandemic by creating affordable premium products and seamless digital shopping and user support across the world.”

Realme’s impeccable image and high product reputation set trends that help build consumer confidence and brand awareness.

“The realme philosophy is to dare to jump into the forefront of innovation, design and price. We want young people to be able to identify with our product, ”says Sky Lee, CEO of realme.

Although realme has only been in existence for 2 years, it has already won 5 top international design awards and has collaborated with renowned world-class designers within the Realme Design Studio. The company is also known for innovation in technology, as one of the first to use the Snapdragon 865 / 765G processor and introduced a 64-megapixel camera on the phone.

Realme’s international team and the company’s DNA enable the brand to grow very quickly. Like the core of its target audience, realme is not afraid to conquer new things and has already managed to expand to 61 markets around the world. In just 2 years of existence, the brand entered the top 5 brands in more than 13 world markets and ranks 7th in the world ranking.

In addition to phones, the realme brand offers users a variety of AI of Things (AIoT) products, for example, smart gadgets in audio and video technology, as well as lifestyle products that organically become part of the digitalized life of young people. In India, realme has sold over 1 million individual audio devices, reaching # 1 in market share in Q2 2020. To date, realme has released over 50 AIoT products in 2020, with plans to double the number in 2021. With realme technology, young people can decide to leap into a future that will bring them full life.

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