Razer has presented a couple of pretty interesting concepts that could become production devices in the future. Project Hazel is said to be the smartest N95 face shield in the world. It is made of waterproof and scratch-resistant recycled plastic, which is also transparent so that the other person can see your emotions during a conversation.

There are air intakes on the sides, and Project Hazel uses an active ventilation system. It filters the air that the user inhales as well as the CO2 that is exhaled. Fans are removable and rechargeable. The companion app will warn you about the need to change them. Plus, there are built-in microphones and amplifiers to make your speech louder and clearer.

Of the advantages of the mask, I also note the protection around the nose, which fits snugly to the face, not allowing air to pass through. Those who like to wear a mask on their chin will hardly appreciate such a solution. And, of course, Project Hazel has RGB lighting that you can customize. A charging case will be offered along with the mask, in which it will be sterilized.

Another concept is called Project Brooklyn. It is a high-end gaming chair featuring a curved 60-inch OLED display. In theory, various consoles or PCs can be connected to the screen, turning Project Brooklyn into the ultimate gaming solution. By the way, the display can also be folded, and the chair has a reverse impact. However, so far, this is only a render. Razer has not published photos of the real prototype (if it exists at all). But the idea is very curious, let’s see if the company can implement it.

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