Quantum Operation Inc., a healthcare startup in the IoT healthcare industry, has unveiled the world’s first non-invasive continuous glucose bracelet. The company’s patented spectrum measurement technology allows the monitoring sensor to accurately measure the glucose in a person’s bloodstream through the skin when worn on the wrist. This monitor eliminates the need and pain of daily needle use for diabetic patients. During CES, Quantum Operation will also demonstrate an oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensor worn on the wrist.

Key to achieving this non-invasive 24/7 monitoring are the core technologies of Quantum Operation, which include new materials for spectrometers – one of which is designed to emit optimal spectrum and innovative software that efficiently extracts targeted data while suppressing noise. These technologies can be used to measure all types of vital signs, from heart rate to electrocardiography (ECG).

Quantum Operation makes the World's First Glucose Bracelet

“Until now, the only method available to accurately measure glucose was to stick something in a finger or hand. Our glucose bracelet will change that, making painful daily life unnecessary for all diabetes patients, ”said Quantum Operations CEO Kazuma Kato. “Our core technologies also enable healthcare businesses to collect accurate big data and deliver better solutions for disease control and treatment. We are thrilled to present these technologies at CES 2021. ”

Features of the Quantum Operation Glucose Bracelet

  • Non-invasive, accurate, and continuous glucose monitoring.
  • Allows healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health remotely.
  • It can serve as an effective tool for collecting big data.

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