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Proton Launches Family Plan, Offering Enhanced Privacy and Security for Families

Proton, the renowned provider of end-to-end encrypted services, has expanded its offerings with a new family plan. Building on the success of its beta release of the password manager, Proton now presents a comprehensive solution designed to protect the privacy and security of families. The Proton Family Plan grants access to all the company’s current and future services, 3TB of secure storage, a virtual private network (VPN), and more.

In a recent blog post, Proton announced the introduction of the Proton Family Plan, which aims to extend online protection to families in an accessible and user-friendly manner. The plan provides a range of features and premium services to safeguard the privacy of loved ones. With the ability to accommodate up to six family members, each gains their own encrypted email address, calendar, secure file storage, and a VPN for safe browsing.

Key Features of the Proton Family Plan include:

New customers can sign up directly for the Proton Family Plan, while existing Proton users can upgrade their accounts to this new family-oriented offering. To facilitate a seamless transition, Proton has provided a comprehensive guide to help users get started with the Proton Family Plan. Additionally, Proton recently launched the “Easy Switch” tool, enabling a hassle-free migration from Gmail to Proton’s secure ecosystem.

With the introduction of the Proton Family Plan, Proton continues to prioritize privacy and security, extending its commitment to protecting individuals and their loved ones online. By offering a comprehensive suite of services and empowering families to take control of their digital lives, Proton sets a new standard for privacy-focused solutions.

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