The end of 2020 was marked by two innovations in audio – TWS speakers for true stereo SUPERIOR and SUPREME! What is the uniqueness of the new products – we will describe in this article.

New, the Supreme Stereo Speaker combines powerful and clear sound in a magnetic enclosure split in two. Install two speakers in different corners of the room for surround and enveloping sound, or connect them into one 16-watt speaker for maximum sound.

The Supreme’s battery pack guarantees up to 15 hours of non-stop music playback. Ideal for a pleasant pastime or a noisy party. Create a playlist of your favorite songs or trust the musical taste of friends who can play their tracks using a smartphone and Bluetooth module. The wireless range is 36 meters outdoors and 10 meters indoors.

With True Wireless Stereo, the Supreme will fill any room with incredible deep sound and help create a pleasant atmosphere for any party.

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Prestigio Supreme pleases with high-quality sound and support for working with voice assistants Siri and Google Now, so you will always be aware of all the events. Ask your virtual assistant to set the alarm, tell the weather forecast, or read the latest news bulletin while you get to work or an important event.

Among the features of the portable speaker is the speakerphone function. It allows you to receive calls even while listening to music. When the call is answered, the music will pause, and when you end the conversation, the audio will continue to play automatically.

The speaker itself is oval in shape, and its smooth lines emphasize the elegant and thoughtful design. The model is presented in three colors: red, white, black. The case is framed in a silicone, pleasant to the touch case. It prevents the speaker from slipping out of your hands, and a metal carabiner allows you to carry it to its destination comfortably.

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With its surround sound, the new Prestigio Superior covers all the surroundings and creates an incredible atmosphere. Turn on your favorite tracks, set the volume to maximum – the speaker will delight you with intense and high-quality sound.

Despite its compact size, the Superior Bluetooth speaker delivers 60W of powerful sound. The two speakers, connected with True Wireless Stereo technology, deliver 120W of power and immerse yourself in crystal clear stereo ambiance. Your favorite compositions will sound in a new way – even brighter, even more dynamic, even richer.

The Prestigio Superior multimedia speaker provides excellent sound quality. It reproduces deep bass in different tonalities, allows you to relax under the classics or come off with your favorite rock compositions.

Having a portable Prestigio Superior speaker at hand, you can always create a mood for yourself and those around you in a couple of minutes, wherever you are. The battery installed in the TWS column allows it to work up to 10 hours without recharging. Gather a good company and relax. Pleasant audio accompaniment is guaranteed.

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On the top panel of the column, there are touch sensors used to control the device. With a single press on the Play / Pause button, you can play the song, pause the track, or continue playing. A long press on the volume up button will turn on the next song, and holding the volume down button will turn on the previous track. Also, using the speaker, you can receive calls from a smartphone and talk hands-free.

In addition to Bluetooth 5.0, NFC technology is supported, designed to exchange data between devices located at a short distance. Connect the speaker to your smartphone or disconnect via Bluetooth in seconds.

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