HDMI 2.1 TVs’ owners found to their annoyance that VRR support is currently not available on the PS5. This even though Sony’s new console technically supports the HDMI 2.1 specification. This is even more disappointing because Microsoft has supported variable refresh rates since the Xbox One X was released 3 years ago.

Recall that Variable Refresh Rate technology allows displays to sync with the GPU’s current frame rate is outputting from a PC or console. This, in turn, avoids frame tearing and stuttering when displayed. And support for this technology is one of the advantages of the Microsoft Xbox Series X console.

But soon, Variable Refresh Rate technology will become available to the owners of the PlayStation 5 console. The console’s upcoming software update will activate support for PS5 VRR for compatible games when displaying images on compatible TVs. However, the release date of this update has not yet been announced. In theory, it should be easy for developers to add Variable Refresh Rate support to their games.

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Source: wccftech

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