The new Philips Hue Play LED strip is designed to fit onto the back of your TV to create a backlit effect that matches the picture on your screen. Simply put, it adds the proprietary Ambilight technology that is known from Philips TVs.

But only one tape is not enough for the backlight on the TV to work. You will need to additionally purchase a Hue Bridge hub for $ 60 and a Philips Hue Play HDMI module for image synchronization for $ 230. If you plan to install Philips Hue Play on your PC monitor, then the Hue Bridge hub and Philips Hue Sync app will suffice.

The LED strip is compatible with 55 ″ to 85 ″ TVs. The cost ranges from $ 199.99 – $ 239.99. Includes mounts for easy installation of the tape on the TV.

Sources: Philips, The verge

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