Chelsea Football Club and its subsidiary Chelsea Digital Ventures have released their new Perfect Play app. It allows any footballer to access top-of-the-line personalized workouts.

The app is developed in collaboration with the Chelsea academy and is used by its coaches and football players. A set of exercises allows you to improve ball control, passing technique, strength and accuracy of strikes, speed, dribbling, and other parameters. Thanks to the tracking technology, the application analyzes the capabilities of a football player and draws up an individual training plan for him. Perfect Play will be useful for young players not only in training but also at home. The main focus is on technical and mental skills, physical development, and football intelligence.

Perfect Play takes your football training to the next level TechRechard

The Perfect Play functionality will surely appeal to many novice footballers. After all, the smartphone can partially replace the trainer – it will be enough to install it on a tripod, after which the application will monitor the exercise.

Perfect Play has already appeared in the store App Store… An Android version will also be available soon. You can use the program for free, but with a limited set of training games. Premium subscription for £ 9.99 / mo offers unlimited access to full training programs and a variety of masterclasses from professional Chelsea players.

Sources: Chelsea, Engadget

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