A plastic card is undoubtedly very convenient when paying for purchases, especially when compared with a not very convenient and large wallet. However, this payment method is gradually becoming a thing of the past, yielding to a more innovative and convenient method – payment from a smartphone.

Pay from a phone equipped with NFC

You can always forget your plastic card at home. However, the smartphone, as a rule, is forgotten by people much less often. In addition, they can make purchases by simply bringing it to the payment terminal. How it works? This technology works thanks to the NFC chip. This chip allows two devices to exchange data, while being at a distance of no more than 10 cm.All you need to do is to bring a smartphone with NFC to another device with the same chip, and that’s it, information from the device is transmitted in a matter of seconds …

To be able to pay from your phone, you need the Google Pay application. To do this, you need to perform a number of the following actions:

  1. Install the Google Pay application on your device (you can do this in the Play Market).
  2. Then launch the application and select “Add card”.
  3. Next, a frame will appear in which you need to place a bank card using a camera and take a picture of it. You can specify maps manually.
  4. After that, an SMS will come with a code that will need to be entered in the appeared input field.
  5. As soon as the above actions have been taken, an amount of 30 rubles will be debited from the account, which will later be returned to the account.

Payment from an Android phone instead of a card: how to do it

Installing Samsung Pay on android – what you need to do:

  1. Download the Samsung Pay application to your smartphone.
  2. Launch the application and specify the e-mail that was used to register the Samsung account.
  3. Then you need to click “Start” and specify any of the available authorization methods – pin code or fingerprint, then select “Add”.
  4. Shoot a bank card on a smartphone camera or enter card details manually.
  5. Read the terms and select “Accept all”.
  6. After receiving an SMS with a code, which must subsequently be entered in the input field, leave your signature on the screen and select “Done”.

How it works

In the case of Google Pay, it is enough just to bring the smartphone with the installed application to the terminal, after which the payment will take place within a split second, notifying the buyer with a tick on the smartphone screen. When making purchases for large amounts, you will need to enter a pin code or sign the check.

Payment from an Android phone instead of a card: how to do it

To pay with Samsung Pay, you need to log in to the application using either your fingerprint or pin code. Then bring it to the terminal and wait for payment.

Do not forget that all this applies to smartphones with an NFC chip.

What is more convenient for you to pay: with a credit card or a phone?


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