With the growing population, the necessities of life are also increasing. The world is shifting to digital platforms. Therefore, all sorts of businesses are now turning into online investments.

Cryptocurrency is one of the leading business trading sources in the world. It is the platform of provision for buying and selling almost anything you want.

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment technology. The idea of generating this unique and fascinated payment method was put forward by some innominate faction.

The human-centered new world of money fascinates everyone as it is not run by a particular government or any third party. It makes netizens feel like they are investing in their future.

The marketplace of cryptocurrency is so big and wild. There is an estimation of about 16 thousand digital assets running currently.

It is quite challenging to choose a cryptocurrency to invest in. Many investors are now delving into strategies for generating big revenue.

This article is dedicated to the above-highlighted problem.it is an overview of the incredible cryptocurrency of 2022.

According to “The Economic Times – Industry” the new lead cryptocurrency of 2022 is found to be PancakeSwap.

It is a huge decentralized exchange platform (DEX) being non-custodial type means that the private keys of the user remain in control solely during a transaction.

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PancakeSwap was launched in late 2020. Since then it has been growing. This elemental tool allows consumers to exchange exclusively with third parties.

It has already gained so much popularity among investors in just a short span. It has engrossed millions of traders and billions of dollars in hidden volatility. It has subsequently expanded into other areas, such as bitcoin staking and farming.

By using these two methods you can trade CAKE easily. In terms of its native digital token – CAKE – the cryptocurrency was priced at just $1.10 in September 2020. CAKE reached a high of $44 in mid-2021 but has since fallen to $12 as the year draws to a close.

The supply of CAKE is managed by built-in burning and regular burning events. The current update on PancakeSwap is USD7.85.

PancakeSwap operates based on an automated market maker (AMM). This system of payment was launched by some anonymous developers. It is a smart chain-based DEX technique.

That is, even though you trade digital assets on the marketplace, there seems to be no transaction ledger. Let’s say that you trade against a trading platform.  These pools are funded by other users.

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They deposit them into the pool in exchange for liquidity provider (or LP) tokens. They can regain their share as well as a fraction of the trading costs by using those tokens.

Now that you know about this new lead, the question may pop – up whether it is safe for trading or not? Well, for your information, the leading security platform for analyzing and monitoring block-chain protocols that are Certik has certified PancakeSwap.

Is that to say it is fully risk-free to use? No. Even auditing a very trustworthy project or depositing assets into a smart contract entails the chance of flaws always existing. So, the key is to never put up more money than you can afford to lose.

What makes PancakeSwap so unique among other cryptocurrencies? In this lead, the user can earn money with the help of liquidity. Earn CAKE as rewards by stacking their tokens.

They can also invest in lotteries by using CAKE. The most important approach is to encourage other liquidity providers to the PancakeSwap platform. Stacking and Farming are the two ways of earning CAKE.

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By Farming, you can deposit liquidity provider tokens and save them. Once you earned your CAKE there will be loads of opportunities for you to buy and sell and secure your future investment.

All these CAKE funds are brought about by built-in burning or regular burning events. Each lottery session is 6 hours long. A single ticket costs 10 CAKE and contains a random combination of four numbers ranging from 1 to 14, like 8-6-4-13. To win the jackpot, which is equivalent to 50% of the total lottery pool, the numbers on your ticket must match all four numbers on the winning ticket.

The PancakeSwap network security is stored and supported through wallets in collaboration with Binance Smart Chain.

With every other business strategy online or traditional, there are plenty of risks. In other words, for every tree of business, the trunk is always made up of risks.

The new lead cryptocurrency of 2022 that is PancakeSwap has also possessed some risks. But do not forget the golden rule which is “trade your plan, plan your trade”.

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